Monday, 25 June 2018

650 - Konflikt '47!

Hullo, All.

I finally got to give Warlord Games' Konflikt '47 a go last week, with Guy, and it was good fun!
For those of you less au fait with K47, it's essentially a 'weird war' version of the Bolt Action game, set in an alternative 1947 wherein each of the major belligerents has been developing new powers...either through technology, genetic adaptation or through the very very dark end of 'science'.

We played 1000pts just to give us a taste, and inevitably blundered through a few of the rules as we went - it's pretty much a halfway house between the two editions of Bolt Action with a few extra rules (and new toys!) so we had to be careful of 2nd edition habits and assumptions!

I shan't go through lists or missions or anything (because I lack the details) but here's the gist...

My fun toys included a Tesla Cromwell, a HUGE walker with a medium AT gun, an Automated Bren Carrier, and a small unit of war dogs. The Germans had some zombies, some TERRIFYING werewolves, a flamey-spider-walky-thingy and some armoured infantry, and we were playing 'capture the flag'.

We fought to a draw - with both sides defending well but getting slaughtered in attack - and it was a really fun game: quite eye-opening!

Pics and comments follow:
The Brits. The Tesla Cromwell is here
played by... a normal Cromwell.
My walker. Bulky fella, but unlucky.
He got one good-idh hit on the StuG
before getting pinned, immobilised,
and fausted.
Flamey-spider-walky-thingy flamed my Cromwell,
which survived, and AS A REACTION shot back and
destroyed it. Yay!

I hadn't quite fully realised that the Hanomag speeding toward me
was full of these blasted werewolves - there were five of them to
start with, but luckily some withering musketry whittled them down
to just one... 
...who was still susceptible to the cold steel!
And the last of the zombies falls at my home objective
The line is held - just.
It was a good fun game - I particularly enjoyed all the different 'reactions' units can take when FIRED on and the fact that the new units and weapons aren't particularly overpowered... I look forward to playing it again!

- Drax


  1. Only played one demo game when it first came out, but I liked the reaction mechanic. Just takes a little getting used to after playing regular BA.

    The Bear models are my favs, though I hear they are not all that effective ingame.

    Good stuff mate - did you buy minis for this, or borrow for this game?

    1. Guy brought along all the K47 stuff in this case.

    2. Tempted to jump in on this one too then? I mean, with all the regular BA stuff in your collection, you'd only have to pick up some "weird war" items to have a viable force, no?

    3. I quite like some of the K47 toys... but they're SOOOOOOOOO expensive. And metal. I dislike metal minis as a rule.

      Besides, the British ones are not really an aesthetic that I'm into.

  2. Tesla Cromwell ? Makes me wanna Faraday Ireton...

    1. Hi! Thanks for the fun report. I was wondering -- where did you get the building with the red shingle roofs in your top photo?



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