Saturday, 16 February 2019

672 - 2018 Winter Challenge: British Paras - FINISHED!

It's over! Hooray!

Yes, Gentle Readers, I have actually finished my 1000 point Bolt Action force of British pathfinders from 21st Independent Company. 

The platoon selector is taken from the 'Market Garden' book, and comprises the following:

Captain +1,
3x Sections of 5 men each, with a Bren,
3x Snipers,
3x PIATs,
3x 2" Mortars,

Vickers MMG.
Command Group 
1 Section
2 Section
3 Section 
3 Sniper teams
3 PIAT teams
3 2" Mortar teams
Vickers MMG team
Obviously, this is a very unusual platoon for Bolt Action, but I'm looking forward to the challenge of playing with a pretty tough but super-short-range force... what I'll miss in armour, transport, numbers and free artillery, I'll hope to make up with resilience, leadership, and order dice: these 1000pts actually generate 15 order dice! Three lucky snipers can commit carnage, and three light mortars can put down a lot of smoke, plus, veteran "small teams" are notoriously hard to hit and kill.  In terms of expansion, the three sections will eventually be reinforced by five men apiece, but that's about it. 

For the record, I also finished off my RAF Regiment PIAT team and my 4KSLI medic:
Lots to follow soon, including more finished toys and a couple of my recent games. 


- Drax.


  1. That's a fine looking force you have there sir!

    1. Thanks, Cheef!

      Looking forward to rolling them out...

  2. Bloody well done mate! THey look smashing and you managed some really good poses in all the plastics too.

    Interesting list too, unusual even. Will be interesting to read how it does ingame.

    1. Thanks, mate!

      I didn't actually like the plastic sculpts' arms very much - really disappointing.

      I'm very much looking forward to trying them...!


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