Sunday, 3 February 2019

670 - Bolt Action Cromwell ARV

Hi All,

I still feel way too poorly to paint, but I did at least manage to get something built this week: my lovely new Cromwell ARV from S and S models:
The metal conversion pieces can come with the Italeri 1/56 kit at a tempting discount, and they're beautifully crisp with next to no flash or mold lines at all!

I chose to pin most of the bits in place, as they're REALLY bulky and heavy, but they are well-measured to fit the kit.

What makes this even better for me, is that I now - at last - have a spare Cromwell 75mm turret, just in case I want to field my CS howitzer variant as a normal tank. Why might I wish to do this? - well, because if I wish to play a squadron of Cromwells in - say - 'What A Tanker!', howitzers are useless in that game: there are no squishy targets. Hmmmm.
Rear view.

(Incidentally, S and S make a Cromwell CS conversion kit, too, as well as other ARVs!)

Another piece of the 11AD puzzle in place.


- Drax


  1. Still looking forward to seeing the 40k wot a tanker.


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