Thursday 28 February 2019

673 - Cruel Seas... at the proper scale, this time!

Yup. Actually played Cruel Seas with the proper vessels in the proper scale. 
It was great fun: it looked fab and the plucky Brits won!
However, I'm knackered, and it's hard to tell a photostory with Cruel Seas, so here are some pics (The Vospers and S-Boats are mine; all others are Guy's):
Big thanks to Guy and David for the game. 

- Drax.


  1. Game looks great on a nifty mat like that and fully painted!

    Can't say it's got my attention enough to buy in, but will admit it's pretty.

  2. It's really fun. Beer and pretzels, as they say - Bolt Action on water!


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