Tuesday, 5 March 2019

674 - Cruel Seas Fast Boats Showcase

A few pretty pics, seeing as I had the light box out...
These are the ten boats from the starter set, and as Guy needed some at short notice for a demo game, he borrowed mine and we spent a very pleasant evening together painting them! I did the Brits (mais oui!) and Guy painted the S-Boats. 

The Brits:

...The Germans:
Things like pennants have yet to be done (and some of the German guns, I've realised) but otherwise, it was an evening VERY well spent!

 - Drax


  1. And gap filling!!?? :P

    Look great matey. Plan to add some of those new wee crew figs Warlord have released?

    1. There are a few reinforcements steaming my way...but crew can wait. For now.

  2. Cruel Seas is VERY tempting. Lovely paintwork dude!

    1. Thank you, David - it's genuinely a really fun little game!


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