Sunday, 22 June 2008

022 Drax's Advice Column - Please Help!

Hullo, Dear Readers,

I need a hand with something: what the deuce am I going to put on the shoulder pads of my Hardened Veterans? On the ordinary Guardsmen, the left shoulder has the number "24" (the regimental number) and the right has the imperial aquila - both white transfers on the Dark Angels Green armour:
But what ought I to do for the Vets? Seriously, I don't know, and I'd really appreciate your comments on this one. I have very little imagination, and even if I kept the aquila on the right pad (which would make sense) I haven't a clue for the left one. But I would like to do something different for them.

The only constraint is that I'm not very good at painting small details.

Any offers? - Please help!

- Drax


  1. Make the left shoulder pad white and use a use dark green roman numeral for the number twenty-four (XXIV). That would make them stand out, and the number wouldn't be too hard to paint either.

    It would be a small spot color that would make them stand out but not so much that they look out of place in the rest of the army (since your other guys have green shoulder pads with white lettering).

    Just my thought.

  2. Paint a small mural on each one depicting 'After the War' in a heroic pose... or...

    Seriously, I had a similar idea to Ron's, but I like his much better. If the white shoulder pad is too much contrast, you could do the white numbers on green pad as usual but use roman numerals?

    I know what you mean about avoiding small freehand painting. My guard are the personal army of a Rogue Trader, and I'm considering putting his personal heraldry on them somewhere... when I decide what that symbol is! Speaking of which, Ron has some of the old classics on his page in the banner project...

  3. Thanks for the ideas, guys - and if anything else occurs to you feel free to shout, coz it'll likely be a while before I get around to finishing them, sadly.

    Until then, I'll have a little play with your suggestions...

    - Drax

  4. Another similar idea: paint them as normal, but in a different, more gilded color (gold? silver? bleached bone?).

    Or, you could somehow have them show previous unit allegiances. Like, symbols from other units they were in previously in their career.

  5. Thanks, Ian!

    Both great ideas - maybe some sort of combo of all the above will take shape. I'm genuinely very grateful for these suggestions!


    - Drax

  6. the old school catachan decal's with skulls or the aquila might be cool too,

  7. How long have you ahd this for? *puzzled*

  8. @Barry:

    Thanks, I'll have a look into that as well!


    The post's only been up about a week or so.

    Thanks for stopping by, you two!

    - Drax

  9. @ saranga [supplemental]:

    OH! I see - how long have I had the blog for? The answer to that is about a month-and-a-half.

    And 'hi', by the way: I suppose it was the Crispy One that prodded you in this direction...

    - Drax

  10. I think I got to it via a comment on Crispy's yes. and I did mean the blog as a whole yes :p
    Are we still coming round to yours on Friday for american style pie eatings?

  11. @ saranga


    It's the "Fourth of July". Apparently it's some sort of important date for Our American Cousins so Kate plans an out-of-season Thanksgiving-buffet-feast-gorging-type-thing as a part of marking our last hurrah in Norwich!

    Expect sweet potatoes and muchos of Kate's famous American-style apple pie! Yay!

    See you there...

    - Drax (whose cover is apparently blown)

  12. Hi Drax,

    Came across your blog from innergeek's one. and came across innergeek's blog from ron's one. and came across his.... you know what i'm getting at haha.

    Considering the roman numeral idea for 24 (XXIV), i'd like to suggest maybe a deep crimson shoulderpad, and then either the dark green numerals, or maybe even white from the space marine transfer sheet to really stand out. That way they are noticeably from the same squadron or company, but are given the contrasting heraldry, in this case the crimson shoulder pad, that would support their higher rank. Apart from changing the base colour of that shoulder pad I can't think of much else!

    When were you planning on completing them? because so far they look great!

    All the best, 73rd

  13. Ooh! Deep crimson, you say? These suggestions get better and better - thanks, 73rd!

    By the way:

    As soon as bloody work bloody well calms down I'm going to base and post my bloody heavy bolter squad!

    I wanna post!

    - Drax

  14. ...Oh, and as for finishing the Veterans? They WERE low priority, but in the light of the newfound encourageent and creative suggestions, I've a feeling they'll be bumped up to 'just behind the F/Sup Pl HQ' and 'concurrently with another sentinel'.

    Apparently you lot are persuasive!

    - Drax


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