Monday, 4 May 2009

113 Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus

This is a two-fold post about things that are missed.

On the one hand: has anyone clocked just what's notable by its absence from the New IG Codex?
- There are NO pics of GW's awesome Kasrkin models.

Now, I know that we oughtn't to be surprised, and we're anticipating new stormtrooper models, but it's odd that the only glimpses of stormies in the whole book are the old ones in respirators. The models aren't in there, but there are the old stormies in new pics on both pages 46 and 56.

Does this mean GW is planning to re-release the respirator stormtroopers? I thought no-one liked them!

Predictably, there are no pics of the old metal Command Squad (apart from the officer) now there's a new plastic version.

Also, two questions (as the HQ officer choice is now specified as a Coy Cmdr):

(1) Why do Company Commanders now get Regimental Advisors?
(2) Why can you buy the Lord Castellan of All Bloody Cadia to command a lowly Company? Doesn't he have better things to do?!

On the other hand, I've been finishing off my model guardsman from my Painting By Numbers: Part I post, so expect a Part II this week. This made me realise how long it is since I've done any painting - I posted that Part I up at the end of March! I've been very busy with work recently (GCSE and A-Level coursework folders, for those of you who understand what that means), so I've been working very very late and my desk's been obscured by senseless paperwork.
I must get try to get back to it...

- Drax.
[codex image from GW website]


  1. I think even the Lord Castellan has to have a hobby. Commanding a company personally is what he does for kicks.

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  3. i actually like the old stormies, i have 8 of them. the fact is that with L8 they suck!

    [sorry for the mess above]

  4. Of course the Castellan has nothing better to do - that would imply the metaplot moving forward for it affect the Cadian Gate so he's just puttering around :P hehe.

    Besides this is the same game where you can have a Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists leading a 25 to 30 man unit in a Combat Patrol mission, because.

  5. Well spotted on the storm troopers mate, don't think they're going to re-release the old ones but it does add weight to the idea that they're doing plastics.

    On your questions :-

    1. Whoever wrote the codex obviously has no military experience whatsoever.

    2. See answer 1 plus, how else are they going to sell all those Creed mini's.

    Everyone knows he's so good, the Adaptus Mech have cloned him and every IG unit now has him as a Sgt!

  6. Good catch Drax - I hadn't noticed that. I really like the Kasrkin stormtrooper models, but the old respirator versions weren't all that bad. The hellguns could have been a little more interesting-looking I suppose. I'm definitely hoping for plastic stormtroopers of some variety if only to have some carapace-armored models to use as the basis for my Skitarii. I'm likely going to just stick with Veterans for my guard army!

  7. I quite like the old respirator Stormtroopers as well, they fit in with the Steel Legion a lot better than the Kasrkin. I'm tempted to use them in my Elysian army as well if I can find enough for the right price.

  8. I like the Kasrkin models much better than the older Respirator Stormies. It'll be interesting to see what they come out with, but for the moment, I'm putting in motion plans for buying up Kasrkins for my army.

  9. Advisors (or staff officers) are likely to be behind the front lines at the Regimental CP or something.

    If we're going to see them on the table at all, it makes sense for the codex to allow you to deploy them with a Company HQ. A Fire Support Officer (FSO) or a Forward Air Controller (FAC) might be placed foward with the companies since that's where they need to be, so it makes sense to field them at the front lines.

    Call him "Master of Ordnance" if you will, but to me he's the FSO. :)

  10. Thanks, all. I have a squad of those respirator stormies, but I've never quite decided whether or not I like them.

    And Darkwing, I see (and anticipated) your point: I was only poking fun! Of course you're right - the FOO/FSO would be attached to the OC inf...but I'd maintain the other two are still higher-level echelon assets!

  11. I noticed that the trend of 'no kasrkin models' continues into the stormtrooper apocalypse formation datasheet. It's all the older style stormtroopers as well... I wonder if that means that there's new Kasrkin-style models being done up in plastic, or if they're going to revert back to the older style entirely? Mysterious!

  12. On the new storm troopers being the old style. They've mentioned on BoLs that GW has put quite a few of the new plastic releases in publications long long before they plan to release them.

    I wonder if there's any pics in recent WD's that actually have the new (old style) storm troopers in and people have just assumed that they were the old metal ones.

    I think I'll be keeping a close eye on future WD's


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