Saturday, 9 May 2009

116 Plans are Afoot

Hmmm...I've been thinking...
I think I might convert my HQ Salamander, Opilio, back into being a griffon mortar. I can add it to my existing two in order to have a shiny new battery of three large, pinning, Str 5 ordnance barrage templates which re-roll the scatter dice.


I've always liked griffons:
Here's my Salamander as she currently is. I've never had a great deal of use for her - it was just an excuse for a conversion and a convenience for old Forge World armoured company lists:
For more pics of either, please just click on the links in the first paragraph.


- Drax.


  1. It's a shame to undo a great conversion. Maybe you could fine a used chimera somewhere to base the new griffin off?

  2. I've always loved the Griffon as well (only mine is a 3000 miles away), and with the new rules it's almost worth getting it shipped over.

    I would see about converting the Sally into the Griffon, but make it so you can swap out weapons/interiors so depending on the game you can use it for what you want.

  3. hey drax. I havent posted in ages as Im so bogged down with Uni work at the minute, but my Salamader arrived from FW the other day and I'll be starting the Commissariat command version soon. If you like how mine turns out you may decide to copy!!! so give it some time before you start converting again
    Craig @ cadian8th

  4. Thanks for the comments, chaps.

    I've prodded it around a bit, and if I touch up the paintwork a bit to bring it more in line with the other griffons I can definitely convert it with hardly any fuss at all...AND keep the salamander option too!

    That said, I honestly don't like the HQ salamander much, and - though I'm very excited to see your ideas, Kings - I'm probably far, far more likely to use a griffon than an HQ sallie.


    Still, it looks like I can keep the option open for a while...

  5. well it you can have both options then you're on a plus plus!!


  6. Before I actually looked at it's rules, I used to think the Salamander was a transport/command vehicle for your command squad, instead of an HQ choice in itself... I was quite disappointed when, having thought of converting some RTVs for my Helghast and using what I assumed would be a 5-man transport set of rules... ho hum!

    I'd definitely say go with the Griffon - they're very tasty.

  7. Sallies have always seem to me as more fluff than true value. Given the new Codex, and a limited budget, I'd convert to a Griffon.

    Before you do though, Marshal Argos has a good point. Take a look at the new Codex. Note there is a raised shield surrounding the crew on the "new" Griffon. It looks very much like the one you've added to Opilio. Making this into a Griffon could be a quick conversion for you...

  8. Yeah, the raised shield works well - I'll try to post pictures after I've finished my marking tonight so you can get an idea...

    - Drax

  9. Just out of interest, I shall definitely be converting my old sallie into a griffon - albeit with a retained salamander option.

    This was encouraged by the TRAVESTY that was some poor soul paying £22.50 (+£4.00 P&P) for a griffon on ebay - thickly painted, then sprayed completely in GOLD and with broken crew model!



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