Sunday, 31 May 2009

121 More Mortar Progress

Here it is.

The first two are finished (bar transfers and varnish) and if the third one looks odd, it's because the wall is leaning over backwards toward them:
I might change the binoculars arm of the chap on the far right of the picture. The crewmen of that mortar aren't glued in place yet.

Interestingly, I've been using poly cement (plastic glue) on these, rather than my usual superglue. I don't quite know why, but I suspect it's (a) to keep them rigid, and (b) because I'm buggered if I'm going to start altering them once they're finished!


- Drax.

PS: Good news: I've been doing some doodling and it would seem I only have to paint up five models in order to have the first two of my new, improved (and 53-man) 'tactical' platoons finished (though I'll have to alter a few of the squad 'flashes' on the backs of the base). Hurrah!


  1. great stuff, we'll look forward to seeing a photo of them all together! great work on these guys! Iv hit fifty followers over on my blog and I reckon you were probably in the first three so thanks for all your comments thus fra Drax!

  2. I've always liked Mortars, but I don't even know what they can (stat line please).

    Looking good and don't worry I have plenty of bits of terrain leaning over backwards... damn

  3. Looks good. I like the building fragments on the bases.

  4. Very nice work Drax! The drybrushing looks great, and I really like the dynamic poses you ended up with.

    I'd done something similar with some Vostroyans a while back, but I was always disappointed that the poses were so static. Pics

    Great stuff, Drax - well done!

  5. Looking good Drax. So what does your new and improved, 53-man tactical platoon consist of?

  6. Good job indeed! These guys look great and the bases are superb.

  7. Great work Drax - I'd love to see a picture of a collected platoon when you've finished your re-fit...

  8. Great work Drax - I'd love to see a picture of a collected platoon when you've finished your re-fit...

  9. Mortar spam is definitely the way forward - the indirect S4 hits soon add up and they can quickly overcome even well armoured foes like SMURFs. Tactically, they force your opponent to engage a cheap and legion unit with something clever (flankers/deep strikers) while the 48" range is totally serviceable ... And they're pinning... and they're barrage (meaning the next two shots deviate a small distance from the first) - 1/3 chance to hit, but hit and you hit REALLY hard.

    I'm buying more mortars.

  10. That was very fast. Good work!
    Poly cement is much better than superglue, only takes longer to dry.

  11. More fine work from your workbench, Drax. If you're really concerned about the leaning wall, just "prop it up" with more rubble underneath it.
    Poly cement has its uses. I just don't trust it till it dries, unless I pin.
    I'm interested in seeing the results of your "doodling," so please don't hesitate to share.


    (Damn: does it look that bad?!)

    Details on the new 'tactical' platoon(s) to follow soon...

    Suneokun, Whilst I've always loved mortars (and I had a full mortar platoon in the outgoing incarnation of my army list) I hold YOU responsible for me giving them a second chance under the new codex rules.

    Oh, and for those of you interested, I have the excellent humbrol poly cement with the needle-like nozzle. It's effective and fairly swift, but the reason I usually avoid poly cement is so that I can re-pose my models at a later date. It allows for such fun things as...rebasing my mortar platoon, my converted salamander into a griffon.

    Mind you, I do so enjoy the smell of poly cement - reminds me of Airfix model planes in the early nineties...


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