Saturday, 18 July 2009

135 Free At Last (and some pictures)

Huzzah! Drax is now on summer holiday from school for six weeks.

And it's already raining.

Still, t'other day I got an email from a mate who I played in a couple of games a good few months ago: he sent some slightly blurry photos from a battle. This one was a very small (500pts?) game with my [old codex] Guard Vs his very well painted Marines. Unlike me, he has a functional memory, so I'll offer you his captions:

My Dreadnought and 5 man Tac squad in the blurred distance having a tough time against your sizeable firebase:
A couple of your inf squads were running to a ruin in your centre half so you can cover a relic (meaning you'd win) and lay down extra fire:
My Librarian and tac squad teleports into the ruins of a building next to your centre half army:
One of your squads hunker in a couple of craters to protect your now exposed flank:
Your Chimera bolts off to support your flank while the shootout continues between Dread+Tac v Inf + Heavy weapons team(?) [NB: I don't think I fielded a Heavy weapons team]:
Wiped out your flank anchor squad, and are eyeing up the prize - big feckoff tank notwithstanding...
The faceoff, pre-charge!
How very sweet that he describes a chimera as a "big feckoff tank"! I must stop harassing these poor Space Marines...
Oh, and here you can see the (now half-black-painted) base cloth I discussed in my last post.
Vets are getting closer and closer...honest!
- Drax.

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  1. I really look forward to seeing those Veterans! You have 6 weeks now mate so there's no excuse. Expect an email soon regarding our next game. We might even get a mini campaign in over these next 6 weeks!


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