Wednesday, 22 July 2009

138 Motivation


Ron's been asking how we motivate ourselves. I can just about be bothered to note a few ideas:

1) It's better than work. This is important, as when I'm not actually at work, I spend a lot of time and brain power either doing or thinking about work. This is draining, so (workload permitting) I like to escape to The Shed, and I always like to scribble in my notebook and re-read rulebooks before bed. Better than dreaming about school!

2) The Shed itself. It's a bit of a pain to go out there when it's wet or when my wife wants my attention (how unreasonable!) but once I'm out there, with either BBC Radio 4 or my MP3 player for company the time simply flies by. It's unfortunate that I'm so slow a painter, but it's a nice place to be to paint, and it keeps warm enough at night*. The bugs keep me company and provide occasional entertainment.

3) Completeness and uniformity. That's why I chose Guard. Sure, it goes against me when I'm still stuck with a colour scheme from six years ago (when my painting was far less refined) and I seem to get things completed at the speed of a catatonic snail, but still...I love it when a plan comes together!

4) You lot. Yes, I find the blog a huge motivation! This is one of my main reasons for starting it, and it's really, really worked for me. I really thrive on positive feedback and in 14 months I've seen absolutely no nasty comments on anyone's blog (this side of BoLS) and only seen one which was deleted for inappropriate language, and that was all very politely dealt with!

Thanks guys: I'm glad we've stuck with it.

- Drax.

*For those of you in America, it's worth noting that in the UK the temperature usually plummets at night - even in the summer. My first experience of night time in the Chicagoland summer (whilst courting Kate back in 2000) was a real eye-opener: not only did the temperature remain warm, the very air itself was warm, so even travelling fast with the windows down failed to keep us cool. Wow!


  1. Good points!
    And point 4 is also for me THE prime motivator - the blog and the feedback and encouragement through all of you.
    While I only have to go downstairs into my "office" to paint, your description of the shed is very similar :)

  2. I'm yet to build a shed, but at the mo. i do have a room - in the house! When i do build my 'weeman shed' it will be a games room as well - just need to fork out a few thousand pounds for a substantial out-building now...

  3. All this talk about running off to sheds and offices and rooms to paint in is making me jealous! As a denizen of cramped New York City, I've been provided, out of the kindness of my wife's heart, a dining room table just off the living room which I have to keep clean in the event we have guests. But I have slowly - like fungi - taken over the bookshelf next to the dining room table that once contained books and replaced them with my plastic boxes filled with sprues and basing material and half-assembled models, etc. Hehe, here's to minor victories!

  4. #4 is one for me as well. Positive feedback really helps and furthering the community is great!


  5. Thanks, Chaps.

    I forgot to add that the challenge of conversions is a big motivator for me. If I had limitless cash this is probably all I'd do: I'd love to get better at it, and I'd like to try more scratch building too.

  6. good points Drax!

    I for one enjoy motivating you and Klaus!

    it's fun to see what others are doing. Now I'm moved into a more permanent residence, I'll be setting up a paint station again.

    after a year in transitional housing, I feel it's well deserved... and the Grey Knights deserve to be painted as well.


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