Thursday, 23 July 2009

139 A few things, briefly...


1) I noticed t'other day that as they count as 'defensive' grenades, frag grenades can be used in assault on vehicles. If that's right, then even my basic guardsmen (now equipped with frag) can chance punching a hole in AV10.

2) There are some very nice people in this blog community.

3) I played my first ever 'pickup' game last week (even though I started playing 40K in 2nd Ed!) - it was on Vassal [sniff!] and aagainst a chap called 'Ryan' who - out of the blue - asked me if I fancied a scrap. Warily, I agreed and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing: I played againgst 'Nids for the first time. My point being, having observed many other games on Vassal and seen how petty and unsporting people can be when anonymous, I was dreading the worst. Ryan was an absolute gent to play against, as 73rd always is. Generosity and good humour can go a long way!

4) I'm enjoying the speedy painting of my old-style storm troopers far more than I anticipated!

Cheers, all!

- Drax.

PS: Finally, thank you to Adam from Warhammer Tau.


  1. Good to hear that there are some people that are sporting and friendly whilst playing. Its been a while since I played a game, but the last guy I played was a very pretentious Space Marine player that wouldn't accept that Marneus Calgar and his bodyguard had just been minced by a lowly Guard command squad.

    Sounds like I may have to try out Vassal at some point. Good luck with the Storm Trooper painting!

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  2. You are very right there my friend; without a good sense of humour and positive attitude we may aswell all just be boxing and put our minis back in their boxes. The great thing about the majority of this community is their spirit. Yes we all hate seeing our favourite unit die needlessly, and love even more when a plan comes together, but the bottom line is that an enjoyable time is a sociable time, even when a lone Guardsmen explodes my Necron Lord with a lucky missile shot!

    Drax and I have always tried to enjoy our games and I can honestly say that even when I lose, which is an awful lot, I still go away happy that it was a fun game with many great events! I still remember my Interrogator Chappy fighting off a horde of Guardsmen, before being chinned by their Commissar. I also remember a Sentinel thumping one of my Necrons in the face with his Lascannon and floored the poor toaster!

    Thanks for the mention mate, and here's to many more pleasant games

  3. I shall have to try out this Vassal, if only to get the vision of super quick 1st turn assaulting scouts backed up by drop-podding Sternguard and Kantor out of my head.

    And frag grenades are assault grenades, not defensive. You still have the str 4 though.

  4. Might want to hurry up and grab the V40k module then! Site will be closed after the 31st :(


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