Friday, 19 March 2010

193 Hardened Vets Gallery + NEW BANNER!

NB: If you've come to this post for examples of camouflage, check out numbers 5, 13, and 15a for alternatives.

Hi, All,

I got a lovely gift through my email today: a new banner from Suneokun over at Pathfinder! Suffice it to say that I think it's great, and I'll be putting it up directly - THANKS, MATEY!
What a nice chap he is, eh?

Now, a lot of folks seem to be working on hardened veterans at the moment, and it struck me that mine are in no way collated, so please find below a collection of all of my hardened vets, with a few notes and observations and some links to their main posts. This is in no particular order, and some of the best models are at the end of the list:
[NB: Not all pics are good quality and many don't do the models justice. Some models are frosted, too.]

1) G/Sgt Harker proxy and some cronies, incl. missile launcher, h/flamer, grenade launcher, demo charge (front-left) and melta gun:
2) G/Sgt Harker details:
3) Missile launcher details (I really love this model with his sawn-off launcher, but I need to update his 60mm base and give him a new loader):
4) Heavy flamer details (I enjoyed converting this, and it's a fun option to play!):
5) Demo charge details (note alt. camouflage on his rolled-up cloak):
6) Melta gun (from the FW Cadian command team):
7) My veteran sergeant. It's old now, but I really like this model - his cap was my first ever greenstuff sculpt!
8) Shotguns:
9) Vox:
10) Sniper and flamer (the pics aren't great, but I love this simple sniper conversion):
11) Another group shot - this time from part of my tournament entry last year:
12) This is my veterans' lascannon heavy weapons team:
13) This is a very clear study of the veterans' paint and camo scheme - in this case a grenade launcher with an 'uban' camo cloak. Note all my vets have their own simple heraldry on the right shoulder:
14) and one of my favourite models, the interchangeable autocannon/heavy bolter team:
15) Finally, the latest vets added to the pile (and more-or-less the last), some additional special weapons:
15a) Note that I here tried a different style of camouflage on the grenade launcher - a brief discussion of which may be found here [the normal camouflage is very simple too - there's a tutorial here]:
Thanks for taking the time to peruse; do let me know if you've any thoughts or comments...

- Drax.

PS: This is them in action:


  1. Nice work Drax! I especially like the large las cannons. Keep it up!

  2. Great work, Drax! I love the personality of your troops.

    One question...each veteran seems to have a different symbol painted on their the symbols mean anything at all?

  3. I'm liking the new banner mate and the vets are excellent as always.

    I'll be starting my vets next week, I'm really looking forward to it. I just hope they end up looking as good as yours.

    Bring on the GS!

    PS - 7 more posts to the big 200, do you reckon you'l be ready for the muster pic by then?

  4. Excellent vets, Drax - I really like the camouflage scheme and have adopted some of your techniques into my own force. I really like the new banner as well - cool stuff!

  5. Good work on it all, Admiral. Just one question- how did you do the shotguns?

  6. Almost forgot- ARE THOSE ORKS ON DINOSAURS?

    Chalk up one more entry for most terrifying thing in the universe...

  7. Thanks, All.

    @zorcon: Thanks; the lascannon only looks 'longer' because of perspective. It's actually quite stripped down in bulk - there are more pics if you follow the link.

    @Blitzspeare: Thanks

    @Zzzzzz: If only I could take the credit, eh?

    @Cawshis: Cheers, and they each have their own personal heraldic devices on their shoulders. The older models are more haraldically simple.

    @Corbane: Look forward to seeing yours. As for Post 200? Well, watch this space, eh?

    @Mordian: Cheers; I'm flattered!

    @Max: They're Forgeworld upgrades, mate - lovely models.

    And...yes. Nobz 'Bikerz'. Awesome in the literal sense, and pretty terrifying. They still went down when faced with cold steel bayonets...with some guts behind 'em!

  8. Loving the new banner (nice work Suneokun!).

    In terms of the painting - I really like the way the trousers have been painted with the camo effect - you've really mastered this!

  9. They look great Drax! Lots of great little conversions throughout, and some more dramatic ones as well. Your Harker looks fantastic!

    The banner is pretty awesome as well - perhaps centre it though? :P

    Keep it up!

  10. These guys just keep looking better and better!!! Keep it up Drax!


  11. Thanks you, chaps!

    Sorry for the radio silence of late: I've been on my travels wo introduce more of my old friends to Drax Minora.


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