Tuesday, 19 August 2008

034 Armoured Fist Squad 1

First pic:
Well... I'm not going to wax too lyrical about these lads. It was supposed to be a side project whilst I did other stuff, but because these old metal Cadian models are so shoddy (seriously: some of these guys have hands like moose antlers!) and because I do like at least a tidy finish on my models, I've actually had to expend effort on them in the closing stages. Damnit.

Some of the few things to note (the 3rd pic is slightly different!) include:

(a) the blue-white-blue insignia and identification flashes. Yes, I know blue looks awful against dark green, but it goes with their Chimera transport (you'll note their fatigues are also predominantly Dark Angels too, like the transports). So there.

(b) the Cadian '1' transfer on their left shoulder pads: again, this ties in with the four Chimera transports;
(c) the hastily (if fairly effectively) converted vox on one guardsman; and

(d) the awesome old plasma gunner model. I've a story about one of these...but it'll wait.
Strangely, they actually look better after being varnished - that really didn't fill me with love for these models!

Oh, and these were the Guinea pigs for my patented new Indian Ink Basing Formula-X (I think that's what I'll call it!) - which worked like a dream.

The old order changeth / Yielding place to new.

- Drax.

and, doubtless, lose!


  1. Ha ha I've painted some of these old guys up recently myself. I don't think the blue looks bad, though, and I agree that that plasma gunner model remains pretty sweet. Keep it up.

  2. The old models are... well... old. But, they have a certain character to them that I really like. Maybe it's more nostalgia than anything else? The patented India Ink... um... whatchamacallit looks great too!

    And keep a stiff upper lip, you might win that game tomorrow. Just pretend it's theoretical and you'll do fine!

  3. I finished painting some armoured fists yesterday... odd. I like the blue arm flahes, it's the army damn it! No trinny and suzanna here son. At least they'll look good when they die.

    Was their a point to armoured fists before 5th Edition? Hmmm... and before then what are they for?

    I'm poaching your indian ink idea, itlooks peachy. Ta!

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  5. Looking good! Your army's shaping up pretty nicely - what do you have left?

  6. Thanks, guys!

    @ SMIG: Watch this space for post-battle info...

    @ Devilin: Yeah, you're right. It's a man's life in the Imperial Guard, and no place for the fashionistas!

    @ Opie: How many more? Aargh! Don't ask!

    Cheers all,

    - Drax

  7. Drax, you do realize that you addressed that comment to Odie to your wifes blog name, Opie right?

    I understand it does get confusing. Odie left a comment on my blog once and I thought for sure your wife had taken an interest in my blog. But alas, it was not so. I can't say I blame her, my own girl doesn't look at mine too often anymore. She tolerates the hobby well, but there just isn't much interest for her.

  8. Sorry, Odie!

    @ Devilin: I popped over to your blog, mate, and you're now listed here. Nice work - I'll look forward to perusing it!

    @ Odie: Tried your profile, but there was no link activated. Thanks for stopping by, though...

    - Drax


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