Tuesday 6 July 2010

206 APC Progress

Hey, All.

Thanks for the comments and the encouragement from the previous APC post - I've had a busy couple of weeks with work and a few sleepless nights courtesy of Drax Minora, but here are some shots of the progress I've snatched, with a few notes:
1) The turret/hatch mount is now the other half of the mount from the aegis defence autocannon, and note the brackets at the back for airlifting - paperclips - there'll be a couple at the front soon, too:
Yes, I still need to put more equipment onto the mudguards!

2) I redesigned the armour around the driver's hatch: it's a bit too chunky maybe, but it looks fairly 'guard'. The side panels still need some rivets and maybe some bulking-out: The wheels are axle-mounted by the way: she rides!

3) The two side hatches are from a Space Marine rhino. You may be able to see here that I trimmed a few mm from the middle of the heavy flamer to shorten it:
4) I'm particularly proud of how the jerry can bracket on the spare wheel worked out...:
5) Here you can see a couple of the touches I enjoyed working on - firstly, the circuit wire around the heavy flamer mount worked to blend the two components and mask a rather stark join. Secondly, I made a small winch which you can just make out here:
What do you make of the smoke launchers? They just seem too big and unsightly, but I've run out of better ones.

As always, I'm interested in comments and criticisms...


- Drax.


  1. Looks great, I do think the smoke launchers look a bit large, how about trying the ones from the Rhino kit?

  2. Always good to see a wheeled vehicle conversion. This one's no disappointment. Looks great from all angles.

  3. It looks good to me! I'd not put too much worry into the smoke launcher size, GW isn't famous for their scale accuracy. And if they don't worry more about it, I'd not either!

  4. That looks great! I swear I left a comment on your last post, but apparently not. What I tried to say was that while I'm not normally a fan of these types of builds, you've done a great job here - I love it!

    Looking forward to seeing more updates :)

  5. Very nice kitbash. You have fitted it together well.

  6. Awesome work there - looking very good

  7. Thanks, guys!

    I'm still toying with smoke launchers: sadly I can't find any rhino-esque ones on UK bitz sites, but I may decide to cut-down the ones already there.

    @Frag_Dad: You did comment before, mate. Sorry I didn't reply: blogger was playing up last week.

  8. Definitely a solid build Drax! It's definitely got that guard flavor to it, though I think with the wheels being as small as they are (compared to the final bulk of the model) a second six wheeled variant may look more 'realistic' - either a set up front for steering and two sets in the back, or three equally-spaced sets (though that would interfere with the way you've done the door). Overall though, a cracking kitbash - can't wait to see it painted up! Keep up the great work!

  9. Hey Drax

    I've got loads of Rhino smoke launchers to spare, PM me an address to send them to and I'll swing a few your way.

  10. Looks cool.

    The launchers look odd because they are oversized and are sticking off the front without being balanced by something else.

    Why don't you try changing the position of the smoke launcher mount. I would put it on the glacis plate to the left (on the model) of the aquila, and reverse the angle so they are angled up and out (ie flip the piece upside down to its current position).

  11. @bG: Thanks for the kindness, mate.

    @Pom: I've already turned them upside-down since the pics, and bG's sending a couple of alternative ones but I'll try where you suggested too!

    @Mordian 7th: Fair point, but it's only designd to be a light runaround, hence the lack of turret. I aagree that six wheels would look cool (and would've been far easier!) but I really wanted to try the 4-wheel version in homage to Owen Rees' classic Tahnelian Airborne version.

    I'll probably post pics of it next time...


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