Saturday, 14 January 2012

292 Painting Accross the Pond - Drax Edition Part IIIa

Dear All,

About a year ago, I swapped models with The Inner Geek over in Texas for the 'Painting Across the Pond' project, in which we took a number of months(!) painting them up for each other. At the end of last year we finally swapped back, and with overhauls in the cottage I never got around to taking and posting images of the minis he painted for me. So here they are. Firstly it's the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion, 24th Cadian Light Infantry (a Lt/Col whose name I don't yet have) and secondly, his faithful bodyguard - a freebie which Brian kindly threw in.
I couln't be happier. Please enjoy the pics and pay appropriate homage to The Geek's skill:

More soon,

- Drax.

PS: Anyone know how to get rid of these confounded spaces between lines when I post? Is it an html thing?


  1. Very nice. Really like the cloak on the commander, and love the FW model

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  2. Excellent stuff as ever, love the Commander, very characterful

  3. ACH!

    I didn't make it clear enough - these are the models Brian painted. Goodness knows I can't paint this well!

    I'll amend the post forthwith.

    - Chris.

  4. I wondered what had become of your hands across the ocean project with the geek, now did you send him that model to paint and him you a model, or just selected a model from your own stash that fit the others army?

  5. Thanks for asking.

    There are only four posts on the label, if you follow the link at the top, but in essence, I sent him my favourite inf model to paint (the FW officer) and he sent me an Ogryn Bone'ead to paint (to give me some practice with flesh tones, I think!).

    Brian very kindly sent some extras: a female IG trooper for me to paint (now one of my vets...I ought to post about her) and the bodyguard model that he'd painted.

    He's a very nice guy!

  6. Geek did a great job with these. The FW commanfer model is a real gem already and he's done it good service.

    I also think his kitbash guardsman is great as well. Brought to mind Jurgen from the Ciaphis Cain novels - the good Commissars faithful attendant.

    Good stuff all round.

  7. Ah i remember now i didn't even notice the links at the top, sorry mate.


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