Saturday, 28 January 2012

295 Female Hardened Veteran

Hullo, All,

Allow me to introduce the only female trooper in 2/24th Cadian Light Infantry: one of my hardened vets, and a gift, courtesy of Brian at The Inner Geek:
I changed her lasgun into a kind of shotgun, and equipped her in line with my other vets, but otherwise she's as she arrived. Sorry for the shoddy pics.

Thanks, Brian!

- Drax.


  1. Ok first where's the head from and second wheres the back pack from and third nice shot gun conversion.
    Copplestone do a set of Female troopers but not sure of compatibility with G dubbya's IG

  2. I know that the backpack is from the FW cadian shotgun vet upgrade pack.

  3. Da Cheef's right about the backpack - that came from my veterans bitz box - but the head, torso and legs (with decidedly feminine curves) were from Brian, and I don't know their origin.

    It was a very pale cream resin, if that helps...

  4. In fact, you can see her unpainted in this post:
    ...which was apparently just over a year ago!

    I have apparently unsexed her quite a bit.

  5. Welcome to the club mate! She looks great!

  6. Nicely done! I like it - the shotgun is well done, I'll have to try that. Keep up the great work!

  7. Thanks, chaps.

    The shotgun was one of those '2nd-edition-40K-hangover' things - if you paint it red, it somehow looks more like a shotgun!

  8. I've got about a dozen of those femmes sitting around in a plastic tub at the moment.

    They were originally offered by The Phoenix Club, which at the time was run by a "Doc Thunder". They'd had some interesting projects until the then-caster (who was NOT Doc Thunder) ripped a large number of people off for a sizeable amount of money by taking the cash and not delivering the goods.

    Some of the other projects were Females in the form of Catachans and rough rider parts (birds), sculpted by a (former) mod of the Yahoo Groups 1List Sculpting or 1Sculpting List or something like that, I think it was Ming but I could be wrong there.

    Anyway, the female is recognisable by the kneepads, ghetto booty, excessively small feet, and the head sculpt :)


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