Wednesday, 18 January 2012

293 The Shed: End of Days?


The Painting Shed is on its last legs. Over the last month we've had strong winds in the UK and the larchlap slats on the back of our cheap-ol' shed have finally rotted away from their mountings. The wind finished the job nicely.
I've patched these bad-boys up time and again, but now, alas, I'm reduced to pinning recycling bags over the back of my painting cave.

Know what the worst of it is, though? Our lovely apple tree (which somehow died in the frosts last winter) also came down last month. Bugger. [It's a nice view over the village though...]

Still, on the plus side, my landlord said he'll sort us out with a new shed. Huzzah - new painting cave!

- D.


  1. The Shed is dead! Long live the Shed!

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the demise of the old painting cave - hope the new one comes along in short order!

  3. Alas poor shed, I knew thee well.

    Massive plus side though, a shiny new shed! I've always harboured a little shed envy towards you Drax, now you're getting a shiny new one too.

    A real shame about the apple tree too, this weather certainly hasn't been kind to you has it?

  4. Shedresurrection Ord ? Can't wait to see one of those on the shelf at B&Q...

  5. Thanks for the words of consolation, wisdom and laughter, guys!

    It'd be just awesome if I can get a spanking new shed to paint in over the summer months - less cramped, better organised and less draughty too!


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