Saturday, 21 December 2013

391 From the Archive: Missing Flames of War Game!

Hullo All!

WAAAAY back in the summer, I managed against the odds to get a couple of Flames of War games in. The first one (which ran out of time) I was able to post about, but the second one was interrupted by Mrs Drax suddenly becoming horribly ill with a stomach bug. A pity really, because it was going rather well for me when I had to shoot off, actually!

My opponent was the same - a very helpful chap called Gary at the Plymouth Association of Wargamers - and we had more-or-less the same LW match up (my 11th Armoured Division Rifle Coy Vs his American Infantry), but this time the scenery was way cooler-looking and the game much more cinematic.

Sadly, I forgot my camera, but I've just rediscovered the photos Gary took and kindly sent me. The first one is my favourite, but I hope you enjoy them. Understandably they're mostly of Gary's minis, but I'll pop some captions on for clarity:
My 3RTR Shermans advance up through the village (buildings by 4ground) on my right flank.
A wider shot shows that two of them have already brewed up. Don't worry though - the revenge was swift and terrible!
The enemy's view of my right flank at deployment
My scratchbuilt Auster AOP takes its maiden flight - skirting my left flank before impregnably and unassailably hovering over the Americans' centre.
My left flank at deployment. Uncharacteristically for me, my infantry were quick to scoot forward and engage with the enemy. Behind them, woefully devoid of targets, lurk my 6pdr anti-tank guns.

My left flank after turn two, with my 6pdrs advancing. In the following turn I would've hitched them up to my other Sherman platoon and whizzed them forward!

The horrible, horrible machine guns facing me on my left flank. They've got those pesky US 60mm mortars lurking in there too. Nasty, sneaky things, those. Luckily my Shermans' machine guns made short work of them, having snuck around the walls to deny them their cover...
This is the American centre/right at deployment. All of Gary's infantry stands took a real pasting from my 25pdrs and 4.2" mortars - thank goodness!
Gary's lovely camouflaged Shermans. I can't remember if they were equipped with their AA machine guns, but either way I kept my AOP out of range!
As mentioned in my last post, there should be much more from me over the next fortnight, but for now, cheerio!

- Drax.


  1. Great batrep! Nice to see that Auster in action. Good to have the links to original posts in the captions - thanks for sharing.

  2. Shame you couldn't finish the game! Great looking table mate.

  3. Cheers Chaps!

    It really waas a nice looking table and game. It really was a shame that we didn't get to finish it...


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