Friday, 27 December 2013

397 - Day 7/14 - Painting on the Move

Hullo All.

5 minutes left to post and I'm on Mrs. Drax's unfamiliar laptop.

I'm at my dad's house in Portsmouth.

Mrs. Drax is asleep in my room with No.2 Daughter.

No.1 Daughter is in my brother's room.

I daren't let my dad find out that I'm painting toy soldiers (for reasons I may go into tomorrow), so I'm painting on the landing, whilst he watches ludicrously loud 60s slapstick on Channel 5.

Have I sunk this low?

Still, true to my word, more progress on Zzzzzz'z chaotic minions:
Take care, All!

- D.


  1. Hiding your toys from your folks who think you're too old for them? Feels like a kid all over again doesn't it?

  2. You're like a cross between George Smilie and some bloke who paints toy soldiers.

  3. I now have a mental image of your youth consisting of pewter minatures in pieces frozen into trays in the freezer.. shoes with false heels containing the odd ork, and a secret panel in the bookcase for the rules and dice..

  4. It comes to something when a chap has to hide his toy soldiers. Now having to hide the credit card bill is normal.

  5. Thanks for the solidarity, Chaps - and for making me laugh!

    There's an explanation on yesterday's post for those interested in the nitty-gritty...

    And I absolutely LOVE Karitas's ideas too. With our abject lack of storage in the cottage it sometimes gets like that with my toys when visitors arrive unannounced!


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