Thursday, 2 January 2014

403 - Day 13/14 - Behold! The Makings of a BEF Rifle Platoon (Bolt Action)

Hullo, all.

The village shop was open again today, and although they didn't have any milk, they did at least manage to find me a quid's worth of shiny five pence I've been able to base (almost all of) my BEF platoon! Yay! My ongoing thanks to The Inner Geek, by the way, for donating the minis...

At the moment I could use a couple more coins to give my Lieutenant his HQ section (never forgetting, of course, his batman!) but otherwise that's my platoon, ready for some new filler around the bases and then a lick of paint! Here they be:
I'm grateful for the very helpful notes here and here, and I've no doubt that this FoW diagram will soon come in useful too:
Today's modelling, by the way, is a prime example of what I was discussing yesterday: I knew I had a pocketful of coins and only 25 minutes of hobby time before our friend came round to watch 'Sherlock' on the iplayer, so this was the ideal task to set to. Now I'm typing this in the dark on babysitting duties, whilst we're finally trying to get No 2 Daughter to sleep through the night. Tonight Mrs. Drax gets a break.

One day more. Then I'll really need to get some work done!

Thanks for swinging by,

- D.


  1. No work! Really enjoying this hobby/blogging binge. And those BEF chaps are looking superb. The annotated picture is a nice touch.

  2. Yay! I can't keep up with these machine gun posts! Good to see work on those tommies is getting along.

    all that in 25mins is a good feat.

  3. Ha! "Machine Gun Posts"- very good, Dai!

    That remnds me: I'll do a post at some time about my potential support weapons for this the moment I'm considering some Peter Pig minis: a Vickers HMG probably, maybe a 3" mortar and whatever the hell passed for anti-tank in 1940!

    Hmm...maybe a universal carrier too...

    *thinks dreamily...*

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  5. Anti-tank options were Boys Anti-tank rifles [1-per-platoon] which were rubbish against Panzer armour (No PIATs until midwar) and 2-pounder AT towed guns that were little better (pre-cursor to the trusty 6-pounder.). Good luck! :P


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