Wednesday 1 January 2014

402 - Day 12/14 - More Progress Progresses

Hullo All, and Happy New Year (and yes, I appreciate it is in fact 2014 now: thanks for the pointers!)

I was a big brave boy yesterday. I was sorely tempted to do an extra post just to tip the balance to 56 posts in 2013 - one up on 2012 - but I didn't. I guess I quite liked the parity.

Today I decided to work on my Flames of War 11AD Rifle Company's 3rd Platoon - just two phases of production-line painting which really went uncharacteristically swiftly for me:

If you're wondering why I have so many things up in the air at the moment, it's mostly due to the fragmentary and ephemeral nature of my whole hobby experience: because I don't have anything permanently set up it's tricky for me to stick with something.

I also have a low engagement threshold when it comes to painting. If these things were left set out on my untouchable hobby desk from one day to the next it'd be different, but when I'm snatching 45 minutes here-and-there it really does need to grab my interest. Naturally these snatches of hobby time also preclude getting into anything which will take longer, like the painting of vehicles, which is why (despite being a tread-head at heart) I often leave vehicles ignored for months on end.

Luckily, I know that many of my faithful readers suffer similarly, so you know whereof I speak.

Being weak-willed, I'm not one for resolutions, and as for an end-of-year-wrap-up-cum-look-forward post, well, I kind of did that here (for 40K) and here (for FoW)...and the only change since is that I'm now dipping a toe into Bolt Action.

Hmmm...I may or may not have purchased the Bolt Action rulebook today on ebay. Likewise I may or may not have deliberately opted for the slower postage in the vain hope that it'll arrive AFTER I'm back at school, thereby leaving me free beforehand to work through the massive bloody stack of marking I have.

Because that's going to hppen, right?

Take care, All,

- Drax.


  1. That's exactly the setup I have at the moment, I can't leave things out in a dedicated hobby area to paint at will - and it definitely showed toward the end of last year. Have fun with the marking.... the Bolt Action rulebook can be something to look forward to as you're wading through it ;)

  2. Good on you for getting the Rifles worked on!

    I'll be excited to see what your thoughts on 15mm Bolt Action is like as I've been nosing about for a skirmish WW2 rules set for a bit now.


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