Tuesday, 14 January 2014

407 Bolt Action - Presenting My Core 'Reinforced Platoon'...

And here they are (less varnish and static grass):
HQ Section; Platoon 2" Mortar Team; Boys A/T Rifle Team; 1 and 2 Sections:
I may or may not have given the Subaltern a sneaky wee early-war 'tache.
Astute readers may perhaps notice that some of the second platoon (which I've just got to) haven't had their boots blacked yet. Rats! Oh well, there's time enough before bed. This is without doubt the fastest I've ever painted a platoon - even a small one: for me at least it's officially waaaaay faster to paint single 15mm figures than Flames of War stands. I guess it's just far less fiddly.

Right then. I'm off to do some boot-blacking.

Stay well,

- Drax.


  1. Ha, 'tis the midget British Bolt Action Army, recruited from the dwarves of the mist mountains - aka Wales.

  2. That is bloody impressive painting on those wee chaps sir, I struggle to paint 25/28 that well. Excellent stuff!

  3. It might just be me, but don't you think those bases make them look like a bunch of tiny little pitchers? Made me do a quick double-take.
    Amazing job getting that much detail onto such tiny figures.

  4. Looking splendid Drax! I feel a mustache would be all too appropriate.

    Where's that Matilda?

  5. Ach!
    I just replied to you all at length, and it went aand bloody disappeared!
    Short version: (1) thank you all very much for the kind comments; (2) they're less impressive in real life, and (3) Matilda is work-in-progress - give me a chance!

    1. Oi, I posted my guard as requested..... *nudge nudge*


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