Thursday, 9 January 2014

405 My 'Bolt Action' Rulebook Has Arrived!

It's here!

It's lovely!

I'm excited!
Wait out.


  1. Woot! Get learning and playing. I want to see some cool looking tables/models!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the battles that will follow. Good show!

  3. Enjoy! it's a solid system, but youll need order dice, a cloth baggie and some "pinned" markers :)

    1. Can we have a bastard child for 40K I wonder ?

  4. Thanks, Chaps.

    I've had fun with it tonight, so stand by for a hobby post or two this weekend.

    As for 40K meets Bolt Action? I couldn't ever see that happening! Maybe Rogue Trader era, but from what I can see, BA is all about simplifying rules and stats and rolls, and really doesn't take itself at all seriously: the book is full of bits that essentially say, "Yeah, we could've made this complicated, but we didn't" and "Yeah, we know heavy artillery's really unlikely to be in a small skirmish battle, but hell - you're bound to want to try it, so here are some massively simplified rules".

    Delightfully, a glance suggests to me a list of only 27 weapon statlines in the basic game (plus a few oddities) - covering everything from pistols and vehicle flamethrowers to 88s and 4.5" howitzers!

    Guy Haley wouldn't know where to look.

  5. Go Admiral. I think you will like Bolt Action.


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