Sunday 30 March 2014

424 - "New Wyvern Pics"

You'll note the quotation marks. Sorry GW - Drax got there first on this one.

From my original post in April 2009, may I present the Imperial Guard Wyvern:
Ach! "Imperial Guard" - maybe that's where I went wrong. I guess I should have called them "Astra Something-or-Other" instead - "IG" is just too damned prosaic these days!
Anyways, a rumour's popped up over at the wonderful Faeit 212 [link] suggesting that this is the direction the new Astra Militarum is going. Let's play, shall we...?
  • Chimera chassis? - CHECK
  • Pivot-mounted mid-range indirect fire weapon? - CHECK
  • Alternative mount for hydra flak cannon? - CHECK.
This is my version in its original post, by the way - if you're still interested: link. I was pretty proud of it at the time: it was intended as a support weapon for command squads, hence the typically Draxian grenade launchers at the back! The turret-front weapon, by the way, has been down-scaled to a heavy stubber. I detailed the whole design and realisation process on the blog too, including the Drax-style swept-back hull - it's all there under the 'wyvern' tag [here].

Oh yeah - this is the version with the hydra:
...You'll note it's the same chassis. Sadly, it's my hydra version which has seen all the gameplay. booo-ring.
By the way - if you came here under false pretences, then I apologise. It's just a bit of fun. I'm as excited as you are about the new incoming codex!
- Drax.


  1. I will admit to having clicked for the "wrong" reasons, despite being a regular reader.

    *shakes fist*

    But nicely done!

  2. Gotta tell ya, I'll lay better than even odds your Wyvern will look far better than what GW comes up with! :)

    ...I'm sorely tempted by the new stormtroopers though. Gorgeous!

  3. When I saw the 'Wyvern' /Hydra rumour I was like "GW must love Drax's blog!" and I still think the Scions were inspired by Col. Gravis. Clearly someone at GW has started checking out the blogosphere!
    Fist pump because I came here for the right reasons! ;)

  4. I came here for the beer....?

  5. Ha!

    Thanks so much for the props, chaps!

  6. Having now seen the Wyvern - it's just the Hydra without the autocannon barrels - I think your design is better, but then I'm biased, I built my own after all. On the bright side you could easily field it as an obvious counts as now.

  7. Koloth! It's been too long!

    I was trying to remember who it was that mastered the swept hull...

  8. You still around, Koloth? - The link to your profile isn't working...

  9. A few people did swept back Chimeras, Bungaroo on Warseer may have been first.
    Not sure why the profile (or the link) isn't working.

  10. Man that's a pretty sweet conversion :D

    1. Thanks, mate! It was a long-term labour of love.


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