Tuesday, 13 May 2014

437 - Work's Just Been Stupid, Stupid Busy...

...and given the last fortnight's bouts of D&V sickness in the homestead, I haven't so much as unlocked the 'Hobby Drawer of Sharp and Sticky Things' in my desk in almost three weeks now.

That's too long.

But I'm excited about the forthcoming weekend of hobby goodness and bacon Chez Zzzzzz and then it's just one. more. blasted. week. until. half-term. And then the pressure will ease a little. It's been 18hr working days for too long now, and I need a bloody break.

So watch this space.

Thanks for your patience,

- D.

PS: There are lots of exciting projects bubbling around my poor head at the moment...


  1. I'll be Drax???? LOLOLOL!

    Hope the pressure eases soon for ya mate. :)

  2. I know that ..... very good.
    You have family, work .......and hobby ... have to wait.
    In Germany we have a Adage:
    First bake small rolls, then a whole loaf of bread.

    So it is here.
    I'm definitely on your blog!


  3. My inventive mind now has an image of the top of your head unscrewing to reveal a bubbling cauldron of projects swirling around.

    Don't get too comfy at the weekend or I'll be sneaking up on you with a spanner.


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