Monday, 5 May 2014

436 - Medic! [No Hobby Time This 3-Day Weekend]

Hullo, All.

Sitrep: Both daughters ill.

No time for hobby stuff (understandably enough) - barely any time to sleep!

Wait, out.
Poor quality pic, but I haven't talked about my medics in a while, have I?! [link]


  1. That's a really cool conversion, what did you use for the medi-pack?

  2. Thanks mate - they're parts from the Forge World Cadian conversion kit - it really is a fab kit!

    1. Ack, should've spotted that. Might have to wander over to FW...

  3. Looks like this medic needs to keep his head down a bit more.

    Good use of bits mate.

  4. Thanks, chaps. It reminds me - with a wince - how many of my old models are gloss coated as I couldn't get matte.

    I also got a pang of wistfulness as the picture file is titled something like 'Support Platoon HQ Medic' - y'know, from those glory days of being able to legitimately field a platoon of heavy weapons.

  5. Nothing to inspire confidence in the troops than a medic held together with bandages and safety pins! Join the Imperial Guard today!

    A lovely model sir, very inventive.

  6. Could have sworn that I'd comnented here the other day, Blogger is being a bugger at the moment, that's at least the second time that's happened in the past few days. Bloomin love it sir, anything medic-y always gets my vote. As for gloss varnish, when the local Boyes started stocking matte varnish it was a godsend


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