Friday 30 May 2014

440 - Apparently there's a new edition of 40K [State of the Union - Part 1]

I do NOT have hobby burn-out.

Far from it, in fact. What I do feel, however, is a pretty significant sense of ennui.

That's right: I went and dropped the e-bomb. A GW-e-bomb to be more precise.
Googling images for 'Ennui' is, err, quite surprising. Couldn't resist this pun though! [source]
Let me explain [knowing that I tend to get too long-winded, I've broken this post down into daily chunks]. I'll try to keep it brief, but - well, you know what I'm like by now. At least there will be hobby pictures too!

In theory this is the time of year when work starts to trail off a little for me; in practice, I've just taken on a second job as an examiner to try to make more ends meet, so over the next month most of my hobby time will go instead to marking papers... but that's not what this post is about - it's just a wee explanation for the minimal posts of late.

Proof beforehand that I haven't been idle, though: 
I'll go into details about these developments in Part 2 - and I'll have a cry for help too!



Now, I've been playing 40k on-and-off since 2nd edition, and I've always got excited by either new IG codices or new editions of the game - who wouldn't, right? I was dead keen to get the new IG [AM?] Codex...and then I read it...and I kinda went 'huh'. And then I kinda re-pointed my normal list and went 'Huh,' again...and since then I've not really opened it.

Now, a big part of this is that I only very very rarely get to play, but a bigger part is that - well - the new codex (whilst vastly superior to the last one) just wasn't very exciting hobby-wise. There are a some new models that I'm not very excited by and certainly cannot afford (but more on that later) and the golden opportunity to try to re-engineer my lovely Griffon mortars into the new Wyverns...and that's it.

So the deflating nature of the new codex, coupled with my ever-decreasing hobby time has made me - at best - not really care too much about the appearance of a new set of rules to kinda replace the 'old'(?!) sixth edition.

I only every played a handful of games with 6th Ed - maybe eight or nine? - and the two things that really seemed to change the game with it were new psyker rules and the blossoming of flyers and flying MCs (complicated and mostly irrelevant to me as in both cases I've had no models which really use the rules and no real means of countering them either) - this made the prospect of playing competitively (or even pick-up games from unknown opponents) absolutely pointless for me, as I essentially kept playing an army tailored to 5th Ed.

The new edition seems popular with the very vocal (or verbal at least) online competitive players, and I'm given to understand it's good for narrative play too, but I figured as I play so little and have so few spare hobby pounds I'd just wait until opportunity, finance and need all combined before making the investment. Which brings me to...


Easy: nothing.

Or at least, nothing new.

I've decided to (a) pretty much keep on doing what I'm doing and (b) follow the examples of others. By this I mean the following:

a) For about three years now (!) I've spent very little money on GW and very little time. I finished painting up the bulk of my army a couple of years ago, and the ONLY significant purchase I've made since is my Manticore. I've decided to continue this approach; a decision made significantly easier for me by my general lack of enthusiasm for the new product lines and the lack of structural upheaval in the codex.

More importantly,

b) I'm going to follow the wise example of the likes of Zzzzzz and Col. Scipio in that I'm going to take a more mature approach to actually playing. Why should  I bother trying to keep abreast of increasingly irrelevant [to me] rules? I should just build the things I want and play them against like-minded folks using the rules I want - or whatever bits of them I can remember. Great idea - sod it!

To this end, please find below my current and revised list of 40-related hobby projects in no particular order:
  • Finish painting my Manticore
  • Paint up a whole platoon of Stormtroopers [link]
  • Paint up the gun and crew for the first of my Centaurs [link]
  • Build and paint up t'other one too
  • Finish making my foamboard Fortress of Vengeance (or whatever it's called)
  • Finish my second servitor
  • Convert the bits Zzzzzz sent me into a cool Malcador-style superheavy (already in the planning stages)
  • Do something interesting with the ten brand-new Scions that Zzzzzz swapped for my Bulkytroopers. Thinking lots about this...
  • Try to convert at least one Wyvern launcher for my Griffons
  • Maybe try out some other conversions, including - possibly - one involving my armoured Sentinel.
You'll note that none of these involve buying anything new, and quite a few involve getting bak into conversion work.

Essentially, at the top of the list in my hobby notebook (The Seventh Book of Arcane Scribblings) is the line 'Stop any further 40K expansion.

...and I reckon that just about sums it all up.

In Part 2 (in a couple of days), I'll look at my future directions for Flames of War and ask for some hobbying help. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

- Drax.


  1. I'm right there with you, Drax. While I bought the box set for the last edition, I didn't play a single 6th Edition game. For a while now, I've looked at the arrival of new codexes and new editions with more annoyance than anything else. "*Another* set of rules? Didn't they just release a new edition a week ago?" I've zero interest in picking up the current edition...for a long time my only interest has been in the new models, and the latest additions, Scions and Taurox, were disappointing to me at best. While I will still enjoy the game whenever I find time again in my life to play it (when my kids get old enough?) for now anyway, I'm firmly in the hobby/collecting only side of things. And even then, I haven't bought 40k minis in a long, long time (kids again dominating the budget). In the meantime, if I ever want to get back in it, I may just stick entirely with old minis and old rules. Why bother buying new ones? They'll just be releasing another edition next week anyway...

    1. Wow - yup: just what I was driving at, thanks. How's everything going, Dan?

  2. I'm kinda feeling the same way. I used to be a more competative player but, frankly, I've got better things to do than figure out how to count 101 new things GW wants to sell. Instead, I'll paint what I want for lists I want against opponents I want. I've not bought GW from the box in years and don't intend to start now. This edition will give me time to get back into the hobby side of things (which is good since I suck at painting.)

    1. "This edition will give me time to get back into the hobby side of things" - what a great way of looking at it! - thanks, Helmet.

  3. We still use 5th edition with like minded souls. It works for us.

  4. Once again Drax you're echoing the thoughts of the many here.

    New edition fever was lukewarm at best for me - I obtained a copy of it but haven't yet even gone through it in a meaningful way. If my last game with the lads is anything to go by, none of us had even taken 6th edition to heart and were playing at best a mix of 3rd through 5th rules.

    I'm solidly in the camp of doing what I want, the way I want. The boys are pretty good I think on not spamming the new stuff overly much (more than once) - within the group the sense of wanting to have fun with friends rather than be uber-competitive seems the norm.

    1. I'm a wee bit jealous of your 'boys' - they seem like a great group to be around, but then again I'm sure that's very much the case on a 'non-warging' front to, eh?!

    2. Sorry: for 'warging', please read 'wargaming'!

      ...although I've no doubt they'd make smashing wargs too...

    3. I was scratching my head a bit with that Drax - yeah, they are good for a natter on about anything much really - the gaming just gives us a common focus beyond the normal day to day stuff.

  5. My plan for the future is to keep warging in 5th.

    obtw: if you can get more legs for them, you can build more than 5 scions from each box. I, like Karitas, will be using Canadain bits to build more Kasarkin.

  6. I am of a like mind, except for one thing.. the 7th ed rules are pretty tight from what Ive seen so far.

    They "give permission" to play whatever you like, in a way that's mostly balanced or at least slightly offset.

    the rules themselves are well expressed and have more nuance than 5th, having a psychic phase again might actually remind me to use them beyond the odd desperate shooting attack, and the rules for flyers are much better.

    even the littler rulebook is a blessing

    I have no issues playing older versions however, and frequently do (often without intending to) but these look pretty good to me.

    I also find agreement on the model front, well apart from he portion of my brain given over to my acquisitive illness, you know, the part that is constantly dreaming up new units, formations and paintschemes.

    I am suppressing it to the best of my ability however. the two boxes of unpainted marine standing mute testament to the fact that I do not need any more dudes. while my plastic addicted lizard brain eyes up all the IG units I could easily find a home for.....

    1. Tee-hee: I love that last line!

      Thanks for the info on the new rules: yours is judgement I know I can trust.

  7. Agree on all counts, it's something I've been going on about for ages and Scipio posted about recently, but why feel like we have to keep up with the new rules etc. particularly if you game with a regular group of friends rather than relying on GW stores etc. (which I understand is not always a luxury available to everyone). Play the games you want to play. We never bother with flyers for the same reason in the handful of 6th games, 1. they're a bit silly (imo) for the scale, particularly for our scale, and 2. we have nothing to counter them either.

    1. Your hobby, make of it what you will. That's the joys of doing this, there aren't any rules really.

      Flames of War? :)


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