Monday 19 May 2014

438 - Progress At Last: Centaur Completed!

Well now,

This Centaur is the first 40K model I've finished for myself in a looooooooooooong long time...and although it's a simple model, simply painted, I feel quietly proud of it. Pics first (enjoy the clashing colours):
There. It still needs a muddy wash, and the glare's bleached out the colours a little, but it's done.
The stubber is very fragile, so it's pinned. Also, the driver is way more detailed than he had to be(!)
Interior decor.
At some point I'll finish up the sniping gun (and its crew) for this to tow (one of a brace of heavy anti-tank guns kindly donated by Zzzzzz), but for now I'm just quietly pleased to have finished something; not least given the monthofstupidbusyworkandstupidillnessplaguingmyfamily from which I am only just starting to recover. Just me. The rest of my hearthguard are all still up to the gills with plague.


A second post will fllow fairly closely behind this one, as I'm also quite pleased with some Flames of War conversion work I managed to crank out in the same couple of sessions. Yay me.

Take it easy, and thanks for sticking with me,

- Drax.


  1. Nice work on the man-horse. I've put the 1st Fortynumda post up. And had bacon pasta thing this evening.

  2. I like this very much!

    Stay on target there young man. All this personal stuff will ease out soon and then regular life can resume.

    Bring on the FoW!

  3. Thanks, Chaps.

    Watch this space, Dai: it's a small victory but I'll take what I can get at the moment!

  4. Nice model. It looks ready to go and storm the Emperor's foes.

    1. You mean, like casual players and established players who'd really just quite like a reliable source of bits? [end cynicism]

      Cheers, John. I've been very much enjoying your recent posts too of late...

  5. Great work Drax, especially on finding the time to do some hobby! I like the detail on the driver


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