Tuesday, 8 July 2014

445 - Back in the Saddle Again

Did some painting.

First time in a month.

= win.
[stupid late-night mobile phone pics...grrrr]
- D.


  1. Nice, I'm a sucker for a modeled objective marker :-) There seems to be a world-wide painting slump at the moment!

    1. Ach! Thanks, Dog - I suspect you're right. I'm away all next week, so I'm absolutely determined to make some headway this week. It's been too long!

  2. Every bit counts, it all adds up Drax - this hobby of ours should never be a race.

  3. Spot of tea objective! ^_^ Love it!

    Am slogging through some Mid War Commandos m'self. Ugh.... Painting 15mm Infantry can be such a chore.

    Glad to see some progress on the hobby front on your end mate. :)

    1. It should look grand when it's done - it's fun to paint!

      Is there much of a difference between mid- and late-war Commandos? I would [at some distant point] like to get me some Commandos...

    2. BR796 MW Commandos
      BR882 LW Commandos

      LW are all in regular looking PBI uniforms and berets (No helmets). Nice poses, but I'm not a fan of the beret look for commandos. (Paras though, it's required! :) )

      MW are classic wooly-hat toting fellows in rolled sleeves and also nice poses. Only bugger with these is that they are mixed in with regular Italy infantry sculpts. This is okay I guess as at least some of your boys will be sensible enough to wear helmets! Still, I prefer these chaps and will probably get another platoon in the future and will use them in my late war games as well. Their armament is no different from the Late War set from what I can tell.


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