Thursday, 20 November 2014

473 - X-Wing Game 5: On Mercury's Wings

Hullo, All.

Out of the blue, work's been crazy-go-nuts-hectic but I managed to get TWO games of X-Wing in on Friday night: a 6'x3' Epic game (which will be the subject of my next post) and before that a 50-pt 'pre-game' - just to try something different. We called it 'Mercury's Wings'.
The idea was simple: I had two basic (Green Squadron) A-Wings, each with proton rockets and nothing else trying to fly past four Academy TIEs on a 3'x3' board. One of my A-Wings was secretly marked as the messenger (carrying secret plans), the other was an identical decoy. All I had to do was escape off the opposite edge; all the TIEs had to do was stop me.
Ignoring the [silently] screaming K-turns, the A-Wing shoots past the piquets.
The TIEs boldly made a choice and moved to overpower and destroy just one of the A-Wings, but once the Rebel pilot made it through their opening salvo, there was nothing else really that they could do, and both A-Wings, shooting down the flanks, made it through.
Both Green Squadron pilots streak through to get back to Rebel lines.
This was a super-super quick game, and although it didn't really work, we both think the idea has legs. Ideas DS and I had to improve the mission include the following:
  • more TIEs
  • flying lengthwise down a 6' table, thereby giving the TIEs time to turn and chase, or to stagger their lines of interception more...
  • slower Rebel ships
  • starting the TIEs behind the Rebels, as if the chase had just started (runs the risk of just becoming a sprint race)
  • more obstacles.
ANYWAY, what was really of interest was the game that this one led into...

...but more of that in my next post!

- Drax.

PS: Dai, I've not forgotten the post which I noted you may well find interesting - it's just been delayed awhile. Watch this space! 


  1. Sounds like the basis of a good scenario, interested to hear how future versions play out. The asteroids look great too!

    1. Thanks! I hope we can play it again, actually. I'll discuss the asteroids in a future post...

  2. I'm watching this space. :)

    I like the scenario, though yeah, I think playing it length-ways would give the Tie's a fairer chance to snatch those pesky darts.

    1. Cheers. Frustratingly, the scenario just couldn't really work with the Rebels dong the chasing, as they'e just not fast enough to catch TIEs at a sprint. Boo.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sin Synn!

      Check out the next post: it's got a few more goodies on it!

  4. Neat! I'm loving these little barrels.looking forward to reading more. :)


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