Thursday, 27 November 2014

475 - Happy Thanksgiving! (...and a wee realisation)

Mrs Drax is Chicago South-Sider, so 'Happy Turkey Day' to any of my US readers.
[picture of a turkey]
I've been thinking. Here are some of my thoughts, in no particular order.

   No. 1.
I want a new army. Now, this isn't just me champing at the bit to go for a PSC-Honey-Stuart-led Brits in North Africa 'Flames' army - oh no. I want a new system.

So what's it to be? - SAGA? Bolt Action in 28mm? A hopeful expansion of my 15m Bolt Action, that I could ultimately use - maybe - with some 'Battlegroup: Overlord' rules? - I just don't know. And I certainly don't have anyspare cash.

But I still get the feeling it's going to happen. And this is because...

   No. 2.'s because I've changed as a gamer. I've suddenly realised that my approach to gaming is now far more like many of the 'older' bloggers I've either met or followed through the years: I've become an occasionaly gamer of whatever ruleset I like the style of, and I'm happy to keep a pet army for each. Maybe Ive grown up. Either way, this seems dierctly linked to the fact that...

   No. 3.
...Real Life(TM) has definitely got in the way again recently - especially of '6MMPRC' - but for the first time in a long while,
This is something of a departure for me, so I'll explain briefly: I work very long hours, I have a young family, and I do my fair share around the house; I'm also the only driver in a rural household. Recently though, I've started two new things: working out (Cross-Fit) and singing in a choir. These things - unanticipated when I started out on 6MMRPC - have both been of real benefit to me (especially in terms of losing weight/getting enjoyably fitter) but have lost me three evenings a week of work, let alone painting toy soldiers, so the painting has temporarily dried up,

   No. 4.
Luckily X-Wing is AMAZING and I'm really looking forward to crafting more X-Wing scenery. Watch this space.

   No. 5.
IF (and it's a big 'IF') I do  end up going for a new direction, what should it be? And should I see if I can get a  legal (and only vaguely competitive) force painted up before February 2015 so that I ight enter a local tourney?

If you have a response to anything I've posed here, I'd really love to hear it: I think Drax is going to need a wee bit of guidance here, y'know...


  1. Great post. Whenever I read your "life posts" I am struck by the similarities in our situations. I've not gotten any painting done recently due to busy work (teaching), moving house, renovating, and a new workout regime.

    I'm not sure about the new system question. I've been revitalized with some fun Flames games lately. I don't have any good suggestions for you. Maybe find a game where you can find some local opponents or that your x-wing opponents might be interested in.

    1. Thanks, Cameron!

      'Local' is the issue, really, as I live in the arse-end of nowhere, but I plan to scout out my old Thursday night club back in its old locaton (a pub basement) this week. Funnily enough, I hadn't even thought of using what others are playing locally as inspiration(!), partially because most of the local historical stuff is played on slightly cliquey Sunday afternoons...and Sunday is of course family and work-work-work day!

  2. Just wing it! Wander aimlessly at the gameshop and see where your whims take you!

    1. Game shop...hmmm...yeah, I think went to one of those once!

      Cheers for swinging by, old pal.

      Frustratingly, much as I love winging it professionally, hobby-wise the last time I did it I ended up (literally) winging it with 'Wings of War'...with which I was horribly disappointed.

      Still, there is Plymouth At War coming up in February...

  3. Firstly, great work on getting fitter. I also crossfit and love it!

    Secondly, I like everything about this post. Glad things are going ok and your chill with it.

    Thirdly, in regards to gaming, who gives a crap about "legal" I've quite happily played I Ain't Been Shot Mum with figures based for FoW, I play Dux Britaniarum with my SAGA forces etc etc. As long as you're have fun gentlemanly games...screw legalities.

    Fourthly, I highly recommend both SAGA and Dux Britaniarum. Also, maybe try out I Ain't Been Shot Mum!

    1. Cheers!

      [Not thought of using 'Crossfit' as a verb. Rather pleasingly, Mrs Drax (who likes me getting back into a less Hutt-like shape) calls it 'Chris-fit'!]

      Is 'Ain't Been Shot' a 'Lardies' game? Yeah - thanks for the tip. Obviously, SAGA looms large, but I'll look into the others. Honestly, I'd rather paint Dark Ages/Early Medieval than WW2 at 28mm...

    2. IABSM IS a Lardies ruleset and I play it with 15mm. Dux Britanniarum is fantastic, I Love It!!!

  4. Sounds like you're in quite a good head space! It's nice when you've got a few different games and armies to play around with and don't have to do a ton of work just so you have something to play with. Wargaming can be quite a consuming hobby, it's good to keep it in perspective.

    As for other games, I really enjoy SAGA. Fairly generic Dark Age figures can be used as a range of forces in a variety of games too, so you can get good mileage out of any figures you invest time and money in. That's just my personal opinion though, and I based that decision purely on what I enjoyed the most. Everything else will fall into place :-)

    1. An excellent point about the usefulness of the figures - thanks so much, Paul!

      (as aye)

  5. I strongly recommend operation squad. it's 28mm WW2, but with very few minis, an interesting turn/activation system, good narrative play and models operating as individuals. I really enjoy it.

    Next time we're in the same place at the same time i'll bring some chaps and some rules for ya.

    1. Ooh - not even heard of that one: thanks!

      Another meet-up would be most gratifying...a taster session of games could be fun!

  6. Do what makes you happy, doh !

  7. Everyone's getting fitter.... This isn't the nerd "way". We are supposed to be beer gutted wheezing individuals who sweat at the merest mention of the word "exercise".

    But being fit means better health and state of mind, so do carry on sir. Can't say if I'll join you or not though. For me it's a time allotment issue - setting aside time for working out means less time for me to work on my hobbies, and I despise not being able to rid myself of this unpainted mountain.... One or the other, else I cut into family time. Saying that, my neck and shoulders would dearly love me to attempt working out so they can endure regular life all the better. Quite the conundrum.

    In the vein of thought regarding playing what you want - I have resolved this holiday period to just sell about 1/3 of my unpainted (And some painted, mainly 40K) stuff to concentrate all the better on games I DO, or WILL play instead. All the grand plans for campaigns that will never come to fruition.... No point having stuff just hanging about for some imagined reason. Means I can concentrate and then put any funds I do generate from the sales into projects and games I'll actually play.

    Pre-painted games like X-Wing will indeed help those of us with little time for the hobby aspect. I don't think they'll take over from teh unpainted-hobby side of things, but they certainly do fit the gap nicely for the hobbyists with little time to.... "hobby".

    Merry Thanksgiving my friend. :)

    1. The secret to getting fitter is much easier for the "nerds" to understand. It's tiny changes over time, done consistency. Everyone thinks its some crazy difficult task, that takes enormous energy and time. It's not, it's a long game. Think of it this way...if you paint one guardsmen a week, eventually you'll have enough for an entire imperial guard army.

      But if you don't paint one at all, it'll never get done, no matter how much you want it to.

    2. Ooh - I'm trying to avoid the call to sell things...mostly because no-one would want any of my crap.

      I'm also trying to design and make some X-Wing 'scenery', to try to inject some creativity into it...

    3. Wise words, Greg - wise words.

      Always reassuring to hear too - thanks!

      Now...if only I could stop all of my colleagues constantly trying to feed me cakes and get them to paint minis instead...

    4. Ha! Saying no is one of the most important steps to becoming healthier. It helps in many aspects of life, not just the avoiding the cake! It gets easier the more you do it.

      I speak from experience! I was +80 lbs a few years ago!
      Just have to realize it's not an insult to the other person to say "no thank you".

    5. Yeah, working in this office would be a killer were I to accept all the sweet treats that are proffered. It's almost a blessing of sorts that I am gluten intolerant with this in mind...

      I'm about to embark on my first X-Wing adventure this very weekend after one of my mates went and purchased the starter and a couple extra ships. Will let you know my thoughts.

  8. It seems like you've already found the droids you're looking for--I mean, the new game you're looking for: X-Wing. You want to make're looking for a new army--why not make a fleet? And although they're pre-painted, nothing's stopping you from painting over them. You know what a cool scenery project would be? The Death Star's surface!

    And I hear you with the Crossfit...I haven't done that specifically, but I ran my first Obstacle Course Race this past summer, and in 2015 I plan on a lot more. I'm turning the big "four-oh" in eight days, so my ambitions for 2015 are apparently my mid-life crisis. Fortunately getting fit is cheaper than buying a sports car...


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