Saturday, 1 August 2015

517 - 6MMRPC 8: Progress and Distractions. Good Distractions.

Brief version.

1. Progress: The 2nd Edition Stormtrooper platoon is rapidly nearing completion. I actually did a lot of work on them last week (this is last week's post, really) but don't have access to the photo right now)
2. Progress: That will leave only a Manticore and a Servitor to finish before the Second Seige of Agratha, in a fortnight's time(!)
3. Distraction: THIS - Secret Cinema's 'The Empire Strikes Back', last night in London - great fun!
4. Distraction: I'm on holiday for a week, in Norwich (birthplace of this blog, back in '08), and unable to do ANY painting.
5. The prospect of blowing an evening's urgent painting next week in order to get in a game of Bolt Action(!)

Oh, such excitement!

- D.


  1. Kool. Timing is everything.

    1. Ha! If you'd said that to us as we neared the end of our 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles'-style race from rural South Devon to Canada Water on Friday I might have had slightly less of a sense if humour about it...but yes, it's ace. First World problems, eh?!

  2. Go get a pint of CHB at the Coach and Horses on Thorpe Road for me. Worked there six years prior to moving out here. :)

    Am still excited to read what's going to happen on Agratha, but sad the boys have to be sold. Saying that, I just sold my meagre guard force so it's looking like 40k is in my past now.
    Am terribly jealous of you seeing ESB!

    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself my friend.

    1. I shall endeavour to do just that, sir...although pleasingly I'm staying within staggering distance of the Fat Cat - my old watering hole of choice.

      Big fan of the C&H though, so will head that way.

      It is indeed A Fine City.


    2. O my... good memories of the Fat Cat and their massive selection of beers and cider.
      Enjoy your stay!


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