Sunday, 23 August 2015

521 - 6MMRPC 10: - - We Interrupt This Broadcast - -

This week I should have been posting fiction in the aftermath of The Second Siege of Agratha, but technical issues and real life have conspired to prevent me from doing so. 
[What I should be writing about]
I'm also terrible at writing fluff but please allow me to draw your attention to these marvellous contributions from the camps of Col. Gravis and Col. Winterbourne respectively:

  • Gravis (part 1; plenty more thereafter: link here)
  • Winterbourne (part 1; more to follow: link here)
For my part in the meantime, I shall meet the statutory requirements of 6MMRPC by noting that this week I was at least able to do a wee bit more building, viz, I have now completed making my troop of Comets - four tanks and what will be a wreck (see here for details from before: link):
Imagine three-and-a-half more of these...
Fluff soon, I promise.

Drax out.


  1. Ach - writing fiction based up the events of a real game is not that hard mate.

    Regardless, Comets! So cool looking and with Stats to write home about. Can't wait to see some painted pics!


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