Saturday, 8 August 2015

518 - The Second Siege of Agratha - Part 2: Reinforcements?

[Being a guest post, from the pen of Zzzzzz from Devos IV (here)]

262 Line Regt Liaison Detachment

The five newly appointed Quartermasters of 262 Line Regiment were being interviewed one at a time in the command bunkers buried far below ground, where a long chamber beneath the citadel was set aside for the transiting Kreig Regiments on Agripinna. 

The next man went in. 

 “How’s the new job Horne? Are you missing company command? Have you reconciled the G1098 account yet?” 

“Sir? - Yes, sir. I am getting to grips with it, by turns.” 

“Good show, your new appointment is one of those things unique to us; we need people like you to ensure that it’s done properly.” 
The General sat forward, his face suddenly illuminated in glorious monochrome. Its ugly callouses of scaring and augmentation twitched as one human eye and one augmentation glanced over him. 

“Oberst Horne, you have been selected as Special Advisor to the Imperial Expeditionary Force 44. You’ll land somewhere near some Emperor forsaken plain called Bolon or Colon or something and travel to reinforce the Cadian 24th who are deployed in force to defend a small farm called Agatha or somesuch.“ 


“You’ll provide our expertise in defensive operations against Greenskins. Apparently two platoons of Tallarn guardsmen have been eaten already.” 

“You’ve served alongside the Cadian 24th before, haven’t you Horne?” 

“Yes, Sir. A little over eight years ago on Devos IV.” 

“Did they impress?” 

Horne considered for a moment. It was always hard to know where the old man was going with these questions. “Yes, Sir. In the final cityfighting for the planetary capital, their CO led a bayonet charge to meet a group of World Eater beserkers. He had no available support, but his action enabled 19 Armoured Regiment to move up and deal with the World Eaters. A valiant and worthwhile sacrifice.” 

There was a long silence whilst the one-eyed, mostly prosthetic General shuffled through the paper script and data slates on his desk. 

“Humph. I thought so. Straight after evensong this evening your soiree to worlds new was announced to the men. When assistance to the Cadian 24th was announced there was an immediate and spontaneous volunteering amongst the men to provide you with an Honour Guard.” 

There was an obvious pause that seemed to have been left for him to fill. 

“I’m flattered, Sir.” 

He was. 

“I’ve refused most of them, Horne, your Honour Guard will be limited to three platoons. That willll be all.”


  1. If it was an honour guard that looked as nice as that I'd be thrilled. Very enjoyable!

  2. Bloody brilliant! Zzzzzz you are a hero. Very much looking forward to seeing these beautiful models in the flesh! This game is getting better and better

    1. Me too! They should be with me here either over the next couple of days!

    2. Ditto! This one just keeps ramping up!

  3. Looks like a rip roaring event is shaping up! hussah!

    1. I suspect it's going to be...rather good, yes(!)

  4. Replies
    1. They're certainly very characterful: I'm looking forward to meeting them properly!

  5. Replies
    1. Don't worry: I promise I shall be channelling your familiarity with the rules...

  6. The skull mask and torso guy is fantastic!!@!

  7. They look fantastic! FÜR DEN EMPEROR!!

  8. Very nice. I always knew the 24th needed help from outside sources to get the job done properly. :P


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