Sunday, 11 February 2018

626 - Battlegroup - Attempt 2


Rolled out the ol' 15mm goodness again a fortnight ago, and gave Battlegroup another go with Guy.

We used the same same forces as before, but this time I had the advantage of having found/purchased and briefly even read the rules.
My lot. A platoon plus of 4KSLI.

The German end of the board.
Points for spotting the downed
Auster AOP objective!

It was a lot more successful. It was still slowed down by lots of cross-referencing of rules and stats, but it was fun and it looked pretty. After some initial bad luck, the British air support and 25pdrs managed to win it on points before we ran out of time.
The objective near my end.
2 Shermans Vs 3 Pz.IVs? Pah!

Next time, we'll be even MORE prepared!


- Drax


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers, Ray! The beauty of a good mat, some foliage and a couple of decent buildings, eh?!

  2. 15mm! Haven't see those boys for ages. Another good looking game.

    Battlegroup as rules-thick as 3rd Ed FoW? Really lost interest in Flames cos each game was such a slog, but have heard Battlegroup is good, just hope it's not as intensive in the minutia.

  3. I've utterly forsaken Flames now, Dai, but Battlegroup is pretty good. Lots of cross-referencing though, if you don't have your stats written down...


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