Wednesday, 21 February 2018

629 - Desert Rats M3 Lee

I got this beauty in the Warlord Games' New Year sale, and painted it up last month. 
It's a simply gorgeous model and a really nice sculpt. Should have a decent impact on the gaming table too, when I take my desert troops into the mid-war era.
As with all British vehicles in the desert campaigns, trying to get any consistent or incontrovertible guidance for patterns or insignia is like looking for rocking horse poo, so I lifted the pattern from a 'Grant' variant at Bovington and kept the insignia sparse and generic. 
After finishing, I went back and
added some light coloured
weathering into the track recesses.
The camo was time-consuming but surprisingly good fun to paint. I preferred it pre-weathering, to be honest, but I could not legitimately keep it too shiny! 
The pattern is brilliantly effective. Genius.


- Drax


  1. Love the camo - your hard work paid off.



  2. Very pretty. And to my immediate memory, just like the Bovi one !

    1. Yup - cheers.

      I modelled it on the Bovi Grant, but after trialling some variations on a theme, I decided against the black outlines too.

  3. So cool mate. That camo is very well done.
    Desert has so much interesting stuff, from these Mid War tanks to all the jumbled together stuff like Sahariana and looted gear.

    1. Thanks! Thought you'd like this one!

      Yes. It seems enjoyably, shambolicly British.

  4. Mmmmmm Bovington.

    I really must make another pilgrimage soon. I've only been once but managed to film them driving the Tiger around to re-record some audio for the 'Fury' movie. Added my name to the Herrick wall as well.

    Maybe I can tie it in with a Monkey World trip for the Long Haired Admiral?

    Nice work by the way.

    1. Thanks, Matey.

      I had two and a half hours there last year. It was nowhere near long enough!

      ...and my hair's not that bloody long!

    2. I answer to higher link in the chain of command than you...and she does have long hair!

    3. I answer to higher link in the chain of command than you...and she does have long hair!

  5. Beautifully done, man - That looks spectacular!


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