Wednesday 7 May 2008

002 The Cadian 24th

Okay, so this is my main force, and what I'll try to outline is their standing order of battle. Please bear in mind that it's very rare that I get the chance to actually play 40K, and though I've played some blue-on-blue missions with mates using my lads I've never yet fielded - for example - the whole of B Coy (the rifle company, as I'll explain later).

Roughly speaking, this is the OrBat for my models from the 24th light infantry:

  • Battalion Commander - IG High Command, rules from Chapter Approved (WD308);
  • B Coy - Coy HQ with attached anti-tank (lascannon) squad, Commissar and Psyker; plus three rifle platoons, each of 40 men (Pl HQ + 3 and-a-half sections) with no heavy weapons;
  • D Coy - Coy HQ (as above) plus two fire support platoons each of 23 men (Pl HQ + missile launcher, autocannon and heavy bolter squads) and one mortar platoon, also of 23 men (Pl HQ + three mortar sections);
  • Two squads of hardened veterans;
  • Ten snipers - same rules, but Cadian models: I hate the 'Oompah-Loompah' Ratlings!

Now...this is the light infantry arm, and as such, most of these 200-or-so models have the Light Infantry doctrine - all, in fact, except the High Commander, the two Coy HQs and the mortar platoon.

I also have an armoured (tank) company and a wide selection of lighter vehicles - Chimerae, Hellhounds, artillery and the like - but more of them anon. Likewise, I'll discuss my choices of doctrines anon.

Pictures and more details to follow...

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