Tuesday, 6 May 2008

001 Why am I here?

This is an experiment, and it has probably three parts:

1) I shall try to update this blog - as and when work pressures allow - to show progress I'm making with my WH40K and WFB armies. This is likely to be slow, but does at least give me the excuse to write up my army lists and take photos;

2) Hopefully, this will encourage me to finish more units more regularly and less piecemeal;

3) Finally, I've already found considerable inspiration from those bloggers already doing something similar and - while I don't pretend my armies are anything special - my ideas may just be of interest to others.

We'll see.

Also, I'm forcing myself, kicking and screaming into the internet community.

- Drax.


  1. This is my idea exactly! You have about a month head start on me. I think there is an opportunity here for the two of us to pester each other into getting work on minis done!

  2. Sounds interesting - I'll take a look!

    Thanks for spotting me: you're the first to comment at the end of my first month. Cheers!

    - Drax


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