Sunday, 12 October 2008

049 "Wyvern" Progress Pics

(And Ron, thanks for the link: what a pleasant surprise that was!)

As you can see, the progress on what I'm tentatively calling the 'Wyvern' chimera variant continues. In the following pics the front hull is glued to the track mounts, but the rest is dry-fitted.
It's worth pointing out that the mounts for the missile launchers (see my last post) - actually the hydraulic pistons from the 'dozer blade - are just blu-tacked to give me an idea. Don't know if I'll stick with them yet, and the FW bitz will doubtless take a while...:

I love the fact that the name plate fits so well on the top hatch!

Any thoughts or ideas? You know the drill...

- Drax


  1. Now that is a handsome looking beast. I look forward to its completion!

  2. You're welcome.
    A little exposure can't hurt, I figure it's the least I could do to help since I don't know that much about IG myself.

    I think it looks great so far. The seams match up nicley and at first glance I can't even tell it's a conversion right now.

    For me, this is the hobby... taking models and making what you want to use. Things that are different and even better... look cool.

  3. Drax, this tanks looking sweet! Can't wait to see it in the full glory. I look the sleek back looks, gives the impression of faster variant combined with the lines of a modern 'howitser' mobile artillery.

    Great work! What are you expecting from ForgeWorld? Also, there better be a blow by blow building guild for this once finished.

    Nice conversion work so far.

  4. Looking nice! Got me wanting more...!

  5. I'm indesposed a day or two and now I'm a blog behind! The MSTTD is looking good so far. I'm off to read the next blog.

  6. Looks nice drax, what will you be using for the missle launchers - always thought the whirlwind launchers looked good.


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