Saturday, 18 October 2008

052 Wyvern Progress: Problem Solving


The camera's card is playing up, so here are the latest progress pics. Two things to note include my favourite 'Irwin' knife (glad I bought it when I did - far better than Stanley knives) and the corgi, spark-out on the sofa in the background (the fire was on - mmm...cosy!).

The first problem solved was that of filling up the gap left behind the gunner's hatch having moved the top plate of the hull back. After umm-ing and ahh-ing and wondering where I'd find find plasticard in so small a market town, This was done using the spare back plate (from the basilisk variant) with the angle cut off. All I had to do was shave some of the rivets off - it's actually fitted more flush than it appears:

The second problem was mounting the missile launchers. As a stop-gap I'd blu-tacked the hydraulic rams from the 'dozer blade, but they were too chunky and at an odd angle. Having fitted the hull top plate (see pics, below) I still needed to get a better may of mounting the missile launchers. After trying almost everything I could find, I finally figured I should look for a chimera bit with the right angle on it. This is when I spotted the searchlight mount from the new tank accessory sprue. Imagine two of them, (without the handles,) one on each side of the turret. Sadly, I don't know exactly how big the missile launchers are, but I think this is the way forward! They're the perfect size and the perfect angle*:

Next question for you lucky people: What can I mount in the two chimera lasgun ports behind the turret? I was thinking of either antennae or nothing, but there's a chance I might be able to put magnets in the ball mounts...wel'll see.

ALSO, any suggestions for what should go in lieu of the main gun in the turret mantling? I was thinking of optics/targeting array - which would make sense - but I've no idea what to use for it. It's a surprisingly low and narrow space.

Answers on a postcard to the usual address, please...

- Drax.

PS: A question: Why don't the bits on a chimera model ever quite line up properly? - I'm not slack at modelling, and I've made about eight of the buggers: still, they're never quite right.
* My fingers aren't actually that podgy - they just look it here!


  1. I think I'm about to shed some rain on the proverbial parade. I'm not sure how big the missile launchers are you ordered either. But, I'm willing to bet that the single little attachment that is coming from using the spotlight handle won't be enough to hold them. Even if they do stand up to the weight, even a sleight nudge of a pudgy finger is going to bend them over. I might be wrong, but that's what I'm seeing. Perhaps when the missile launchers arrive, their native mounting solution will make something more stable come to mind?

    The tank itself is looking grade 'A' though!

  2. Hmmm. Cheers.

    Yes and no. This'll be complicated by the different mass of the resin pieces, but the plan is to supplement the searchlight mount with a couple of rods/wires - that should be enough to stabilise them.

    The trouble with using the pylons that come with the missile launchers and other mountings I've considered) is that they have to attach to the odd angles of the turret's side armour. Also, they'd be too close to the turret - I'm aiming for a little space between to allow for articulation (in theory: sadly the model won't move).

    As for podgy fingers? - well, you're making the schoolboy error of assuming I actually get to play with my toys!

    Thanks for the warning, mind you: a good point and well presented. As for the shape of the hull? - it's surprisingly sweet, isn't it?!

    Cheers, mate.

  3. Sorry: by "rods/ stabilise" - I meant fore and aft in addition to the searchlight mount.

    Just to clarify!

    - Drax

  4. This is a tough one for me... I haven't ever done any real conversion work on a vehicle so it's a bit of uncharted territory for me.

    As for the 2 lasgun ports, I wonder if the elements should be the same on both sides for a balance to the model. If not, maybe a searchlight in one and some type of communication equipment in the other?

    As for the missile launcher, I would wait until you get the parts and then maybe there is something else that can be "modified" to fit the role of weapons mount. But I'm no too sure on this one either.

  5. For the two gun mounts how about a demolisher cannon on one and comms equipment on the other. The sides could have sensors so the missiles are smart because the sensors lock on to the target.

  6. Glad to see the Wyvern is taking shape!

    For the lasguns ports, I do like the comms idea, but you could also put HK missiles back there. You could cut the barrels of the lasguns that would go there and use them as pivot mounted launch rails for them. Not sure exactly how it would look, but it might be worth a shot.

    As for the main weapon mount, why not take some plasticard or part of a rhino and a little window for the gunner? I doubt he'll be wanting to stuck his head out of the turret when those launchers are firing....

  7. It's too bad the length of the barrel of the turret weapon would get in the way, otherwise you could mount the missile launchers to the old lasgun ports areas.

  8. Just a thought, but if the missile launchers look odd you can use the following combination.

    Take a mortar from the Heavy weapon sprue and a spare missile from the same sprue - by cutting or shaving the missile it fit neatly down the mortar - giving you a missile pod. Rinse and repeat until you have 4 (or 8) part missile rack.

    I've just checked on and they have 43 in stock (not very popular then!), but that's fairly pricey at £1.50 each!

    Good luck!

  9. Great comments - thanks all!

    Ron: I probably will go for balance, as it appeals to me, but it may be tricky as the turret is off-centre. I've tried searchlights, but the turret gets in the way somewhat.

    Gamers world: sensors make sense(!) but I'm not sure you mean a demolisher cannon...

    Anon: thanks, and I like the idea: I'll look into a viewing slit if not aa window per se. As for H-Ks mounted at the rear - I like this and tried it, but it's really too heavy an armament. I'd on the cards for the future front-loading chimera variant though...

    SMIG: The turret won't have a main gun, and although I thought about mounting the launchers at the back, it just looks a little too back-heavy.

    Suneokun: Genius idea, and thanks for nudging me toward BitzBox - I already got some spare bitz from them after seeing your post (at elast, I think it was - a week or so ago?). I'll definitely bear that in mind...or maybe for a future missile system?! Even though I've got an entire mortar platoon I've still got plenty of those tubes spare!

    Cheers, all,

    - Drax.

  10. why... why...?
    now I have to take another chimera and make this wyvern variant

  11. Yeah, I'm planning on making one too, just with a Multilaser in the turret instead of FW missile launchers. Think I might have to name it Drax...

  12. @ Anonymous, Both:

    Thank you so much - glad you like the idea, and (though I could never claim the idea for the swept-back hull) I'm honestly flattered!

    Let us know how it goes, won't you?

    - Drax


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