Tuesday, 28 October 2008

055 Light Infantry 1500pt Force with Basilisk

Just a quickie, whilst I'm still on half term -

Here's another army list, from my recent pseudo-battle against 73rd. In a continuation of the last scenario, the almost glorious 2/24th fought against the strange Necron foe again. They deployed poorly and died en masse, but they still managed to just about scrape a draw...and they certainly won their tea and cakes as the vile and resilient Necron Lord was eliminated by a single Guardsman armed with one of the 24th's ubiquitous grenade lanchers! You'll note this list is very similar to a previous one...:

Heroic Snr Officer, P/wpn, bolt pistol (bp), ID, with M/vox, medic and mortar (122pts)
Commissar w. p/wpn+bp (46pts)
A/T Squad (3 lascannon) (110ps)

1 Pl (347pts):
HQ sect: Jr Officer w. P/wpn, bp, ID; Vix, medic, 2 x grenade launchers
1 sect: Sgt, vox, plasma gun
2 sect: Sgt, vox, melta gun
3 sect: Sgt, vox, gren
4 sect (r): Sgt, vox, flamer (5 pax)

2 Pl (397pts):
[As 1 Pl, but with Light Infantry doctrine @10pts/unit = +50pts]

F/Sup Pl (353pts):
HQ sect: Jr Officer w. P/wpn, bp, ID; Vix, medic, 2 x grenade launchers
A/T squad (3 missile launchers)
A/P squad (3 autocannon)
A/P squad (3 hvy bolters)

Basilisk S-P Artillery (w. indirect fire + smoke) = 128pts.

= 1503pts (those 3pts are for the smoke, but we always play +/- 4pts).

So there you go!

- Drax.


  1. Against Necons... I'm tickled to death to get a draw.

    Nice shooting with the grenade launcher, it's not that the Necron Lord died... it's HOW he died that stung the most I'm sure.

  2. Oh believe me you are right there Ron; Even with all my bits and pieces to try and resurrect the fella he was destined to die at the hands of a single brave guardsman! I sense Space Marine honours approaching!

    Great game Drax!

  3. Great list... did you infiltrate or flank your light infantry platoon? You can spot the doctrinated list immediately. I like the way your army is so 'anonymous' in setup. Unlike most armies (even guard), there is no 'hero squad' or 'uber-tank' that could attract any more attention then anything else on the field. Even the basalisk isn't 'up-front'. Very clever, I'll make some notes as I tend towards the elites options myself.

    But at 1500pts, you can beat maxing out on basic troops... maybe with some cannon fodder tagged along...

    I would love to see a batrep Drax, I always like to see the guard fare against Neccies.

  4. Nice drax, especially the grenade launching lord slayer guardsman! next time maybe post up a battle rep as always good fun to reaqd

  5. Ach! Thanks for your thoughts. Maybe next time you'll get a batrep, but I have a truly, truly poor memory.

    If I ask 73rd nicely he might oblige though - I know he kept a record of both of our scraps...I'll e-mail him tomorrow, maybe - I need to anyhow.

    And as for the cannon fodder? I've often toyed with the idea, and I've enjoyed many tactica and monographs on it, but I don't think it's for me. Plus, as I've discovered, even massed lasgun fire doesn't stand much of a hope against the Necron death-bots.

    Cheers - Drax.


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