Monday 10 November 2008

059 Arbitrary Good Ideas

Wow - I just had a shufti at the new BoLS Arbites Codex - what a corker! What's more, they've created their very own MSTTD - the 'Black Maria'!

This, on the one hand, is awesome, and on the other, is illustrative of what I was trying to avoid with my Wyvern - though I don't really think I achieved it. I deliberately wanted to steer clear of any whirlwind variants, as they just looked a little too neat and a little too powerful. Also, I wanted to locate the missiles further back. FInally, I deliberately kept the aesthetic link to FW's support sentinel, so I had those rules ready-made.

In retrospect, though I want double missiles, Grey_Death might be right to suggest that one port-mounted set could have sufficed. The wyvern is looking maybe slightly more powerful than I wanted.

Then again, not only does the Black Maria look "sweet as" - it also has a nifty thing going on with the rear lasgun ports. It's not too late to change mine: could I do something similar and imaginative with magnets, perchance? Hmmm...

- Drax.


  1. I say keep yours as is.
    I haven't seen the other version yet but I don't think your screams Whirlwind variant either.

    It's got a distinct look and that's what matters I think. Now, if you're not happy with it, that's another story.

  2. Yours definitely has more of an anti-air weapon feel about it more than a ground to ground.

  3. Thanks, both.

    And funny you should say that, grey_death - in my draft rules I've included an anit-aircraft capability as an upgrade option.

    - Drax.

  4. Your version is much more realistic. With the missile launcher equipment up front, the Black Maria has no room for the crew.

    The Black Maria is also required to "ferry Arbites into the thick of action." I tend to look at yours as lacking a requirement to transport a squad, though it does have room to store a reload or two. Removing the reload means space for a small fire team.

    I have to look at the Black Maria as extreme overkill in a riot situation. Of course, the Arbites probably don't have a non-lethal weapon requirement.


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