Saturday, 22 November 2008

062 Basilisk/Griffon Combo 'Ubique'


Way back when, I asked what I ought to be doing next. The snipers were voted in as was my basilisk and my griffon. As I like to work on a few things at once (very low boredom threshold) I finished my snipers a while ago and have now finished repainting my basilisk.
I say re-painting because it was previously fully painted and finished in olive/black camoflage, in keeping with my as-yet-unposted tank company. Now, however, Ubique is Dark Angels Green, now a vehicle of the Cadian 144th Regiment of Artillery, and on attachment to the 1/24th Cadian Mechanised Bn. In other words, although it doesn't have the blue-white-blue insignia of the rest of my chimera-chassis vehicles, it has a complementary scheme.
I HAVE NOT YET FINISHED PAINTING MY GRIFFON. However, whilst painting-up the basilisk, I came across an old griffon mortar bed in pieces. Now it's an extra - interchangable with the earthshaker cannon so I can field Ubique either as S-P artillery proper or as S-P heavy mortar. Add to this my other Griffon, Victor, and that's two rather cheap and rather nasty indirect fire units!
Here it is then:
Hopefully, there'll be more on Victor and (of course) the MSTTD/Wyvern soon...

Oh, and check out our new buddy, Haggoroth: he's got some great ideas!

- Drax.


  1. I like the guy manning the guh from the turret. Poor lad must be stone deaf by now.

  2. Ah, that ubiquitous Dark Angels Green! I just did up a Leman Russ with it, although my vehicles have far less detail and insignia than yours. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks, guys.

    I really ought to post some pics of my Leman Russes at some point. I don't really like their look very much these days, but I can't afford to replace them, and I haven't nearly enough time to repaint them!

    Maybe soon...

    - Drax.

  4. I pity the poor sods under those pie plates!

  5. I was also reading elsewhere you couldn't think of something similar in the UK to easy green for paintstripping....

    Cillit Bang! even if those adverts are really annoying


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