Saturday, 1 November 2008

056 Wyvern: Maybe "The End of the Beginning..."


I know not all of you will like it, but I've mostly finished the main conversion bits of the Wyvern. I've lowered the launch tubes, given them more solidity and (using spade shafts!) included rods* to control their elevation. The tubes are still removable, which will make painting and storage easier.

Here are some views - notes to follow in no particular order:
Apologies for the colour scheme: the light grey bits are the FW resin pieces; the black bits are from other vehicle kits (I often undercoat everything on the sprue: I didn't for this model so it'd photograph better).
I did shorten the heavy stubber barrel, and I rather like it. Thanks to those of you who encouraged me on this one!
The track guards are the FW variants. I was really unimpressed with the quality of these components, but they're pretty vintage now, and I don't think they're being continued. On close inspection they have that "last-chicken-in-the-shop look" (points for getting the reference). Still, they're more interesting than the standard versions! I'll add the rest of the tracks in soon...
You'll note that I've rounded off the chimera's dorsal lasgun ports after all. I played with loads of ideas for these, including comms gear, searchlights, targetry optics, radar dishes, stowage boxes and missiles, but three bottom lines remain: (a) I envisage a backblast from the launch tubes - this would negate putting any sensitive equipment there; (b) I'm keen to keep my options open for the salamander variant (pictured below, as is) and magnetic mounts there just aren't a practical option for me at the moment, and (c) it's a fairly odd place to mount anything that isn't comms.
I really wanted to use the old rounded hatch variant (like on my old converted salamander), but I don't have any more. If anyone has one spare, I'll happily buy it from you with a newly devalued currency of your choosing!
The way the tubes are balanced means they rest nicely on the elevation rods* - the rods themselves are anchored in holes drilled into the tube mounts. Paint details will help me to give more of an impression of the rods' articulation.
There'll be more details added to the rear and starboard armour of the turret - some need more thought and the side I'll decide on after painting. And yes, that is a searchlight/targeting optic on the turret's port side. I think it'll work better once it's more blended with greenstuff and paint.
The Salamadner variant, WiP:
- Drax
* I'm no mechanic, so I've really no idea what these ought to be called.


  1. Wow, that's impressive.
    I've said before that I don't know much about Guard tanks but what you've got now looks "right."

    Good work, I'm sure it was a delicate line you walked trying to get all the parts balanced in relation to each other.

    Well done.

  2. What are you using as the rules? an exorcist? a whirlwind with transport? Otherwise a fantastic model. Where did you get the launchers from?


  3. Just to say, good work with the Wyvern, I've been following its progress, but haven't had much constructive to add.

    I do think that shortening the barrel was a good idea - it really stresses the missile launchers, which was the effect you were after.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it done!

  4. Can't say I would have went that direction with it, but you've found something that works for ya and that's what matters!

    I would have stuck with the one set of launch tubes. On the left side would have been best because of the turret being offset to the right some, it would have balanced out nicely.

    The shortening of the barrel definitely worked out nicely for the look you're going for though.

    Now, get it painted ^_^!

  5. Looks excellent. I can't wait to see it painted.

    The turret looks perfect (I might have put a longer gun in the turret, but the Stubber works fine. As Ron Saikowski said, it looks "right" for IG tank.

  6. Thanks, All - as ever!

    With the exception of the comms antenna (never liked those) I'm pretty happy with it!

    I've been working on some rules which I'll post soonish - obviously they'll be a little controversial, but then it's hardly a battle-winning mega-tank!

    It'll be painted in a style to complement my chimeras (naturally)
    but it'll still be interchangeable with the salamander variant.

    Sadly I'm back to work tomorrow, and I'll have a heap of GCSE and A-level coursework to wade through within a week. On top of this, it's too dark to run easily after work and I'll not even see my house in daylight hours now except for at weekends.

    Still - at least it'll be Thanksgiving soon...

    - Drax.

    PS: For those of you Stateside, GCSEs and A-levels have some poorly acronymised equivalents in the Harry Potter books: OWLs and NEWTs -

  7. Amend to read:

    I'm avoiding work.

    - D.

  8. Great work Drax, that rocks! Three cheers for half term!

  9. Impressive idea and execution. Good save with the spade shafts, too! Looking forward to seeing the rules set, and the next WIP!

  10. Hi

    Been following the progress of the Wyvern, and I've started building my own. Anyway, I've got spare rounded hatches of the type your looking for. If you send an email to
    then I'll happily stick one in the post for you at no cost



    Lord: I'll post rules soonish;

    Grey_Death: You may be right about just one set of missile tubes, and if I were to make another, I'd very possibly go for it. That said, I haven't the expertise to create a decent enough targeting/optics array to offset it, and as for this one...well - I like it as it is!

    - Drax


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