Tuesday, 2 December 2008

065 Brief Thoughts on Independent Characters

Eriochrome (see 'comments') has quite rightly noted that I've muddled my words: apologies. What follows is the corrected version (corrections in red). Thanks, Eriochrome!


Now as a rule, I don't use unique characters (UCs) for a number of reasons. They don't fit with my army, I often dislike the models and I can spend the points elsewhere. Still, it would appear that the current trend for new codex releases is likely to make UCs a more central feature (albeit one open to interpretation) so I was wondering: anyone interested in some rules I've drafted for an UC of my own?

- Drax.


  1. I am thinking that you mean Unique Characters(Named) as opposed to Independent Characters. Most armies cannot be fielded at all without Independent Characters and those that can are often just replacing the required HQ IC with an MC option.

  2. a long time ago i came up with some basic ideas and rules for custom IC/UC. just something to add a bit more flavour to the army.
    i found the simple thing to do was start off with a really simple idea - like just a stat boost and see how it goes. that way you can see if the character works well in games.

    obviously for the purpose of just creating a model anything goes. i'd be interested to see what sort of rules you come up with. looking forward to seeing the finished Wyvern.

  3. Thanks, Eriochrome.

    I have no idea what an MC option is, but thanks for correcting me on the "independent" Vs "unique" character error. I'll change it forthwith!

    Cadian 127th: the Wyvern rules are en route. Thanks for the interest!

    - Drax

  4. Venturing a guess here, maybe MC = Macharian Crusade (from Bell of Lost Souls) ...?
    I'm not certain though.

  5. I'd love to see them.

    Quite frankly, I would be less then thrilled to see army traits based on UCs for the IG, but I think you'd be better at coming up with some good ones then GW

  6. Monsterous Creatures. I was thinking of Chaos who as HQ can have Lords(IC), Sorcerers(IC), or Daemon Princes (MC) or the Tyranids you can have Tyrants (MC), Broodlords (IC), but they also have Warriors (normal 3 man unit).

  7. I am interested in rules and I may make some up myself. My rules will be for marines.

  8. Thanks, all.

    No wonder I didn't get 'monstrous creatures' - they're an abomination unto the Emperor!

    I'm not in the habit of making up UC rules, but I suddenly had a little brainwave for something the other day.

    Mostly I avoid making up my own rules because the tendency is always to make things too powerful/too cheap/both, and I'm having trouble enough balancing my rules for the Wyvern...but still, we'll see. Watch this space, eh?

    Thanks for stopping by,

    - Drax.

  9. Using UCs is just a matter of preferences in my opinion; I know some players who use them because of their sheer power and - frequently - unbalanced rules, and others who despise them for the same reason. In my case that's not a problem, because the most important point for me is... whether the model is cool or not! If the answer is yes, maybe I could field it in some battles; but just for fun.

    But I have to admit that, in general, UCs are for power gamers... so I don't appreciate them very much. Unless, of course, I'm planning a battle with a friend and he tells me something like "Hey, what about using this dude? It'd be cool to try something different!". In that case my answer would be "Yeah, why not? Let's rock!"

  10. I enjoy the idea of Unique Characters.. to a point.

    I find a UC can be a very interesting way to present a figure with a unique piece of wargear that you want to keep special, or perhaps an interesting ability you can bestow on a unit. As long as they are balanced both in terms of how they function, and against any broken stacking ability, I feel they are just another way of adding some diversity to an army.

    However, what I don't like are UCs which are required to give your army a specific trait - i.e. Vulkan He'Stan of the Salamanders. If you have a Salamanders army, give them rules to behave as a Salamanders army - you don't need the Master of the Forge accompanying his men on every single patrol to remind them that they don't obey Combat Tactics!

    And to equate 'Salamanders like using flame-based weapons' to 'Any flame based weapon fielded by a Salamander is magical and twice as strong' is a rant I'll save for another day...

  11. I quite agree, Mike. Let's hope Codex: IG doesn't go too far in that direction, eh?

    Now...come down to Devon and show me just how damned merciless you can be.

    Hmm. That sounds like I'm flirting: I'm not.

    - Drax.


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