Wednesday, 31 December 2008

073 Box in Action!

Greetings from a Happy Drax!

Here's my new travelling paint box in action [for more info see here; for blueprints, see here] - I'm an abysmally slow painter, but I managed to paint up one of my fire support lascannon squads whilst away over Christmas - partly at home with my dad; party whilst enjoying our wonderful stay with Saranga and the Crispy One - thanks guys! I still had to finish them off at home, but it was great to have a bit of time to paint whilst away.

Of course, the one thing it's harder to travel with is a good source of light, especially when you're trying to paint at night. Maybe I'll get one of those cheap little LED clip-on reading lights...

Yes I know I've yet to finish their lasconnon, but I'll get to them soon and get the bases/transfers/varnishing done too. Rumour has it I might soon want to re-base these bozos onto 60mm bases for the Codex re-release in May, but we'll see. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!

Cheers, and all the best for the new year: let's hope it's a good one, eh? Thanks for swinging by here in the latter half of '08!

- Drax


  1. Yes, I agree, light can be very important ;) Also, for me at least, a good magnifier!

    Rebasing to 6mm? I missed this rumor. Still, I'm hoping you mean 60mm, or they'll all be standing on one foot!

  2. I can definitely recommend a little led headtorch. I don't have a dedicated painting area at the moment, and my headtorch means I can still manage wherever there is a flat surface. Try to get one with as wide a beam as possible though, as the light can be a little concentrated otherwise.

  3. Tee-hee! I love the idea of 6mm bases: I'll try to change that soon!

    And thanks, bG: a 'dickhead lamp' is a great idea for this - good thinking, Batman!

    - Drax.

  4. I was sort of confused by the 6mm bases too! That painting station looks awfully handy. Happy New Year!


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