Monday, 8 December 2008


No, Drax is not being piratical - Drax is annoyed.

Drax is annoyed because his lovely
basilisk-griffon combo has been iced.

"Iced," because yesterday I figured as the weather was bright and dry I'd better varnish it.

Aargh! It looked so nice and clean and tidy...and then the bloody varnish went and frosted. Thickly. All over it. I've been varnishing things for years - why frost now? Why my dual-purpose lovely, lovely artillery? What did I do to deserve this?

Is it because I was too proud of my (admittedly fairly basic) paint job? Is it because I had
too much fun playing 73rd? Is it the divine wrath of the God-Emporer for having bettered 1500pts' worth of Dark Angels with only 40 Guardsmen and a couple of Landrovers?

Who knows. But here lies Drax, and he's bloody annoyed.

- Drax.

PS: In the wake of Mike's comment, below, I forgot two things in my annoyance. Firstly, I know someone else has a problem with this recently - is there anything that can be done? And secondly, a photo will follow soon, once I can swallow enough pride. If the photo's already above by the time you read this, please assume that "soon" has passed. Grrr.


  1. Ouch! Is there anyway you can fix it?

    ...and I would be lying if I said I wasn't keen on a photo to see what a frosted Bassilisk looks like!

  2. Good point - I forgot to ask for help. I'll not be at home in the daylight for at least a couple of days, so the photo might have to wait.

    Can anyone help please?

    - Drax

  3. It seems like so many people have this problem... I don't understand.

    I had this problem once and then I fixed it (not the model, those are usually done for save for stripping...)

    I'll post what I came up with in the next couple days, let me put it together.

    On a completely unrelated note, I know of a good paint stripper for plastic if you're interested.

    My condolances Sir.

  4. This happened to me. The varnish spray from a can is totally random. It works perfectly most of the time. I've salvaged a miniature by giving it a coat of gloss 'ard coat then re sprayed a matt finish. Test first though, mine was small, a trooper. The frost is still there but now transparent. Not great but better than throwing in the bin.

  5. I've found in some cases a ridiculously thin wash can help, the 'frosting' takes up the colour of the wash, it really depends how bad you've been struck though and obviously the finish won't be as smooth.

  6. Well... my Land Raider was fixed using the following method:

    Paint on ardcoat all over the model as thinly as possible. Then follow with a painted coat of matt varnish.

    Seemed to mostly fix the problem.

  7. Uh oh Drax... If you will refer to my comment on your previous post regarding 'regret', I can safely say that the Emperor has not yet forgiven your defeat of his 1st Founding Legion's force. I am sorry to hear about the frost damage though. I agree with Gravis as the same happened to me. You will always have a minor amount of scarring under the exterior coating, but it is never as bad as the frosting itself.

  8. Oh dear, that sounds very frustrating.

    I also want to see a picture so my girl brain can understand!

  9. I just read that Future floor polish might work to remove the "frosting." Don't know for sure but it might be worth a try on a small area.

  10. Sorry to hear about the disaster dude...Trust me, having suffered the same, i trully feel your pain

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    And Saranga? Please will you take your outdated, blinkered sexism elsewhere? This is an inclusive blog, and we don't want any of your hate-crimes here, thank you! Besides, I'll have you know that there are literally dozens of women worldwide involved in the Games Workshop hobby...oh, what's the use?!?

    (It still astounds me that you swing by: I'm dead flattered really!)

    - Drax

  12. There may well be dozens but I'm not going to be one of them! :p

    And I DO have a bad girl brain, ask Crispy! Or don't because he'll just come up with other embaressing stories of my lack of science knowledge...


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