Sunday 7 December 2008

066 This Just In...1500pt Mechanised Army List

06/06/09: Here are some more recent pics: models, more models, and the Vassal 40K version.


Very quickly, I finally got to try out my mechanised infantry force (-Wyvern) courtesy of Fallen 73rd, over at Unforgiven Angels. 'Courtesy' is the right word, as in order for it to be a sensible and vaguely fluffy list I have to bend/break the published force organisations, but I think it works well, fluff-wise.

The cool thing is, it's nearly all painted up!

Here it is - juicy, juicy details to follow in a new post shortly:

1500pts armoured column
NB: All vehicles have smoke.


2 hellhounds, each with basic armament + extra armour
[I’ve always thought it makes no sense for hellhounds to be FA]

Full platoon as follows:
HQ: Jr. Officer with Honorifica Imperialis, melta bombs, p/wpn, bolt pistol; vox; vet medic; 2 grenade launchers
1 sect: sgt; vox; plasma gun
2 sect: sgt; vox; melta gun
3 sect: sgt; vox; grenade launcher
4 sect (r): sgt; vox; flamer [NB: They share HQ section’s chimera]

4 chimera transports, comprising:
2 with T-L heavy bolter
1 with multi laser
1 with autocannon

2 sentinels w. multi laser
2 sentinels w. lascannon

Basilisk with indirect fire.

Total: 1504pts.

Emporer Protects.

- Drax.


  1. A beast of an army to face! Now it's over, with a great win for your side, I can actually see the sort of psychological issues a fully mechanised army list like that can provide to an opponent. When I first saw them, I sort of thought ok well that's lucky I have missile launchers. But when those guys are gradually whittled away by the biggest guns I have even seen in the form of a Basilisk, it gave me a sense of hopelessness! Very well played, and they are a great army to face. I will convert those battle report images to a readable file Drax so expect them soon. Great game again bud, and thanks for the plug. My head hurts.

  2. Ditto with the head!

    Remember me saying about how lucky chimeras seem to be? I somehow didn't lose a single tracked vehicle! Mind you, we both rolled very poorly throughout the game for vehicle damage...

    Tell you what thoguh: I never want to field a Guard army outnumbered by marines again!

    Top game!

    - Drax.

  3. You're killing me, no pics of this mech terror?
    At least throw us a couple bones about the game...

  4. Sorry, Ron,

    I guess between us we'll put together a battle report with pics soon - 73rd's got all the details.

    Suffice it for now to say that the Dark Angels may want to revisit their recruitment and training policies...

    - Drax.

  5. Oooh you will regret that statement my friend. Not sure when exactly... but you will

  6. Crikey, better 73rd find himself that list than me! I await the battle report with baited breath!


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