Saturday 13 December 2008

069 Box of Tricks

So...I'm lucky to work in a school.

Here's why: at a moderate level - even in a British high school (way smaller and less equipped than most of their Stateside counterparts) I've access to a huge variety of useful stuff in a way that most people - through work at least - don't. Gym stuff; sports stuff; science stuff; computer stuff; reprographics; maths stuff; books and stationery; A/V equipment; a library and even name it, I've used it. But all pales into insignificance when compared to having the design and technology department (US: "shop") at my disposal.

In addition to borrowing tools and resources, my previous efforts have resulted in my awesome paint station (which I love) and a few templates. But recently, I've decided to start a new project, which I've been designing over the last week and of which I made a mock-up today. Behold: Drax's travelling paint station:
Yes, I know it just looks like a 190x150x100mm (7.4 x 5.9 x 4.0") box made out of 5mm foamboard, but look - it opens up to reveal......a detachable mini paint staion!
This bad-boy is purpose-built to enable me to while away hours with quality "Drax-time" after Kate's gone to bed when we're travelling.
The idea is that the box can carry the following:
- 16 paint pots ("full 16-bit colour," as Kate pointed out!)
- 6-ish paintbrushes, a knife, glue and sundry other tools and bits (inside/attached to the lid)
- 10 infantry models (in the slot at the back, which will be padded with lightweight 5mm foam)
- assorted tissue (+ folded newspaper on top of paints).
I'll hopefully be making it in the new year at school, using 5mm wood, but this foamboard/PVA/tape mock-up is actually so sturdy that I'll probably take it on my travels with me this Christmas. I've designed it so that it fits nicely into any of my bags too.

What do you think?

C'mon: shower me with praise, damnit!

- Drax


  1. Not much teaching going on lately eh? ;)

  2. Cheeky swine!

    I've been rushed off my feet recently (you'll note: no painting updates), but after finishing work most nights at around midnight, I need to cleanse my brain before I can sleep. That's my 40k thinking time.

    Hence the notebook of arcane scribblings kept beside the bed, in which I hatch such plans for an hour or so before drifting into a troubled sleep preparatory to doing it all over again when the alarm kicks in at 0625.

    Still - on principle I don't work on Saturdays, so I thought I'd put it together!

    [Wish I hadn't bothered now...]

    - Drax ;)

  3. Very nice work there! I'm a school teacher in the states. Those long breaks are great for getting work done on the army. Keep up the good work.

  4. Very impressive! Look forward to seeing it at christmas.

  5. Cool thinking, I can't shower you with praise but what I can say is ''Where's my money'' (oops that was for saying to someone else) but what I can say is, well done.

  6. Very nice! Any chance of some plans/instructions for it popping up in the future? ;) ;)

  7. Thanks, all,

    and "eek" - I don't see why not! I don't know how's best to do so, but I'll work it out: watch this space and remind me if I forget.

    Sadly my original plan to attach tools to the lid hasn't worked out properly, as they can't be slid into place as I envisioned.

    Thanks for stopping by,

    - Drax.

  8. I'm with eek, lets see some dimensions and plans.

    Nice job.

  9. Nice little working box. Looks simple yet effective. Looking forward to seeing the blueprints.

    Concerning the lid issue, perhaps a separate piece, removable or hinged, for holding the brushes. Just slide or rotate out the brush holder out when you want your brushes. Foam core would work here, even on the wooden final.

  10. Very nice! It puts my 'Mobile Delux Painting Facility' aka 'Old Food Tray' to shame!

  11. Cheers!

    I spoke to the head of Tech at school today, and he seemed pretty interested in the prospect of it being realised in wood too.

    I'll try to put the plans etc. up within a couple of days. Also, 73rd and I are getting that battle report up and running.

    Watch this space.

    - Drax.

  12. I'll have to get back home and post picks of what I use for this sort of thing. Your box is way cooler.

  13. NB: I never got around to making this box out of wood - not only did I not find the time; I also realised that the mock-up I made is wonderfully strong, light and durable!


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